Think Mobile, Not Price when desiring to Satisfy Luxury Shoppers

Steve Burns Posted On - September 4, 2013

Think Mobile, Not Price when desiring to Satisfy Luxury Shoppers
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As an e-seller you must be well aware that the secret to success in any business these days lies in treating the customer as the king. Customer satisfaction has become the core objective in businesses all over the world. You achieve customer satisfaction when your product or service is able to meet or exceed the customer’s expectation. But, when you are dealing with a subjective parameter like customer satisfaction there cannot be any set rules. The ways to achieve this will vary across different kinds of customers. Hence, you must keep in mind what kind of customers you are catering to. So, if you are involved in an online business of selling luxury goods, read on to find out more.

Knowing your Buyers of Luxury Goods

Knowledge of economics tells us that consumers are price sensitive; the demand for a product will increase when there is a fall in price. However, this law does not apply in the case of luxury goods. A shopper buying a luxury item spends a huge amount of money in that transaction. The brand value, elevating his/her status in society and other factors drive this kind of behaviour of shoppers. So, a minor reduction in price, say a 5 percent discount on a designer wear, will not make much of a difference to the customer satisfaction level of such a buyer. A high price rarely acts as a deterrent for a luxury shopper. So, when dealing with luxury shoppers price should not be your focus area. Instead, you should turn your attention to mobile technology.

Checking out the Statistics

The increased usage of internet-enabled smartphones and other similar mobile devices is not only changing the lives of people but is also opening up many avenues for online business. Taking advantage of this phenomenon is an all the more relevant decision for you if you are engaged in an online business, mainly catering to the class.  According to research by ForeSee, a company involved in analysing customer satisfaction of online shoppers, 56 percent of luxury shoppers did product research using their mobile devices compared to 40 percent for non-luxury shoppers. Moreover, 25 percent of luxury buyers made purchases using their mobile devices compared to 16 percent for other buyers.

The data above suggests that you should utilize mobile technology for your business because it is playing a very important role in the online luxury shopping scenario. Apart from that, you should also focus on merchandising and improving the functionality of your website to increase the satisfaction levels of the online luxury buyers.

Optimizing your Business Site for Mobile Devices

With the indomitable growth and popularity of the mobile devices and smartphones, optimizing your ecommerce site for smartphones and the mobile devices has become the need of the hour. The mobile commerce trend is rising and people are in love with online shopping on the go. They check out the hot deals, the exciting offers and compare price. There is no other alternative for the ecommerce merchants, but to optimize their business website for the wide array of mobile devices.

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Think Mobile, Not Price when desiring to Satisfy Luxury Shoppers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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