Tips To Handle Poor or Negetive Feedback In eBay

Robin Smith Posted On - July 6, 2016

Request eBay to remove negetive feedback
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Receiving poor feedback in eBay can be devastating in many ways than one. Whether the review was left as a mistake or was intended to hurt the seller for whatever reason or was absolutely genuine, sellers cannot bear the trauma of being exposed to these stinkers. The question that most sellers end up asking after being exposed to such odd and performance retarding situations is, ‘how do I get negative feedback removed from eBay’? The answer is not often as easy as it may sound.

Occasions when eBay removes negative feedback without a second question –

There are times when eBay feedback removal service is very prompt in addressing the cause of the sellers. Some of them can be mentioned as follows…

  • When the feedback that clearly violates eBay feedback policy.
  • When the Feedback is a remark left by other sellers, defaming the concerned seller without making any transactions with the same and with the whole and sole motive to redirect sale into their own stores.
  • When reviews were posted by mistake and there is ample proof that the delivery and transactions went smoothly. When buyers leave 5 stars and say the experience was bad, it is certainly not a very worthy feedback to consider.
  • When buyers have themselves provided wrong information about their email addresses, contact numbers etc. following which contact could not be established with the same about shipping and delivery updates.
  • If the concerned buyer has been suspended by eBay for some reason or has product in unpaid status.
  • How to address real negative experiences posted bare in the review section?

    In situations when you ask eBay to remove negative feedback and the platform does not cater to your requests, you can…

  • Establish instant communication with the buyers and ask them very politely and professionally about what went wrong followed with your intentions of taking corrective measures instantly.
  • Try and Identify if it is a deliberate effort in the part of the concerned buyers to cause defamation. For this, you need to build your case by going through the entire step by step process that have taken place after the buyers placed their orders to delivery at their doorsteps. If all went well and the buyers still complain, there may be a good reason for the review to be deleted by eBay.
  • The next best thing you can do is take it in your stride with your head held high. Considering the fact that you have a handful of review feedback requests that you can place with eBay, use them carefully is strictly advised.
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