To Maximize The Uses Of Amazon Seller Central

Stephen Posted On - April 20, 2017

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The Seller Central in Amazon is a massive web interface that is wholly dedicated to improve seller performance in infinite different ways in this ever expanding marketplace. In fact, almost all new sellers (other than those that have been invited by Amazon) have to start their selling through the Amazon seller central for a relatively hassle free performance. From managing orders to tracking performance reports, from managing listing to accessing FBA, there is everything that this solution offers to the users of the same.

While it is true that many new sellers often believe that the seller central is an all inclusive master solution to all matters related to selling in Amazon, it is very necessary to understand that this interface comes with its share of shortcomings. In fact, it can be said with confidence that no seller should be blinded by the existing scope of the seller central to an extent that the shortcomings are ignored and left unattended.

Certain common inadequacies of the Amazon seller central that many sellers have been complaining about can be mentioned as follows…

Burden of work is very high in comparison with vendor central sellers –

This is mainly with respect to the fact that the sellers are required to be in charge of just about everything from inventory to returns, pricing and promotion, none of which will be handled even partially by Amazon.

Secondly, seller central users don’t usually get to access traffic and rating boosting support facilities like Amazon vine or Amazon pantry that leaves a massive gap in terms of competition with the vendor central users.

Thirdly, there have been infinite occasions when sellers failed to use the seller central in terms of accessing accounts or adding products etc. even with the best of system and signal strength in their favor.

Keeping in mind that nothing under the sun is perfect, sellers will have to act upon the insufficiencies as soon as they show up or while subscribing to this interface at the very onset. Approaching proper integration solution providers like those that offer syncing services for top platforms like Bigcommerce eBay, Shopify Amazon, Magento Google Shopping etc can be very beneficial in the sense that these providers are likely to house worthy Seller central integration solutions as well. These solutions usually add necessary features to the seller central to bridge the shortcomings while ensuring smooth and effective performance.

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