Top 5 Order Fulfillment Extras to Pamper your Customers

Steve Burns Posted On - August 22, 2013

Top 5 Order Fulfillment Extras to Pamper your Customers
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Customers are the king for the business merchants. Walking that extra mile to satiate them or holding on to them or for expanding the existing client list, order fulfillment plays a huge role. In order to offer a breathtaking ecommerce customer experience, it is important to add that yummy flavor of personalization. Thinking in an innovative way pays off so that the merchandise on the hands of the customers not only makes them to be infused with the feeling that they have got the products that they wanted, but break into a smile while receiving it.

Spicing up the packaging with special boxes

For making a mark on the minds of the customers, let special boxes designed in an edgy way to deliver a strong impression to the customers. It can be colorful bags as an ‘extra’ with your brand logo embossed, some nicely done up packing slips and the like, which ultimately helps you with branding. Let your brand to stand out and you will be amazed to find how it can enable you to have surging sales figures.

Free samples work wonders

Whether you want to re-launch a product after it went into oblivion after a makeover, or push a new product to envelope the market, free samples can do the job for you. ‘Free’ is a big word for both the e-sellers as well as the customers that grabs the attention of the customers. In the shipment process, offering free samples can act on the psyche of the customers for having a higher rate of conversion. A complementary product in the form of a free sample is always set to make a big difference for the e-sellers.

Turning an unhappy customer into a happy one

No matter how much effort you put in to offer an incredible ecommerce customer experience, the way your products and services will be perceived is not completely on your hands. When opinions differ and people’s tastes become subjective, you, as a web merchant, got to know how you can change an unhappy customer to turn into a loyalist who will further recommend you to other customers. Surprising the people on the receiving end of by upgrading the shipping method or throwing in a free sample can definitely help in winning the customers on your stride. For instance, an accessory on the purchase of an iPhone, for instance, an iPhone wallet can add a bigger smile on the face of the customers. A simple note with good wishes or with a smiley drawn or a letter of apology for a day’s delay can do a lot in terms embossing a brand in the minds of the people.

Increase the chances of cross selling with flyers

Some flyers or brochures that you include in your shipment can fetch you additional business benefits, without making you to cough up higher shipping costs. The attractively designed brochures with the wide array of products and services catalogued makes all the difference in terms of nabbing the attention of the interested buyers and sealing the deal as cross selling. The personal touch can also be added in the flyers that reflect a wide arch of products in line with the buying behavior of the shoppers to whom the order is being delivered.

Coddling your customers with shipping deals and coupons

Free shipping is one the effective business strategies that the web merchants are relying on. However, an e-seller needs to be judicious in the way they offer the shipping deals and the coupon codes. The customers’ profile, their buying behavior, the past record of the buyers should act as the deciding factors in terms of justifying their business decision of offering the shipping deals and money-saving coupons.

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