Top 8 Personal Gestures to Turn Casual Buyers into Lifelong Loyalists

Steve Burns Posted On - June 10, 2013

Top 8 Personal Gestures to Turn Casual Buyers into Lifelong Loyalists
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Spending only the marketing dollars does not suffice in hooking customers for a longer period of time. When it is about offering cent percent client satisfaction, it is not only the products or the quality of service that a web merchant offers; it is about creating a lasting impression. There are small nuances during the e-shopping journey as well in the post-purchase phase which counts. Small actions can be effective in hammering a brand in the minds of the people and to create a brand image. It is about making an impact in the minds of the target customers via sweet gestures. The e-commerce merchants need to know well the tactics that ensure customer loyalty and stickiness of the customers for an e-seller.

Personalizing the Follow-Ups

The web merchants walk that extra mile to hook the attention of the customers. In order to gauge the satisfaction level of the customers in the best way, it is a smart business move to follow-up a customer in the post-purchase phase. It is the personal touch that you offer, which provides an edge in satisfying the customers. It can be just a birthday wish via a call on his or her birthday or sending a small gift as a token of love on that special day.

Relevant Coupons can Work Wonders

Online shopping has gained momentum because of the attractive deals and offers that the web merchants offer them, spicing up their purchasing spree. The coupons have always been one of the enticing factors in luring the e-buyers to use their spending power. It is gauging the buying behavior of the target mass in a niche, which helps in sending the tailor-made coupons to the customers on time. As an e-seller you have knowledge about the purchasing behavior of the e-buyers, which helps you to do away with the one-size-fits-all coupons as it is more of a generic sales pitch. When you bring about “relevancy” in the sales propositions you frame, the customers can connect to you more and would likely to come back to you for a repeat purchase.

Your Shipping Service capped with a Hand-Written Note

Amidst the higher level of competition observed in the several niches, it is not enough to offer an efficient shipping service, even if you provide it for free. It is about your sweet gesture, offering that personal touch, which paves the way for nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship. A hand-written note need not be too preachy and you should not put any sales message in it as you tend to be a pushy marketer that way. A simple smiley adds that personal feel when you are delivering the products. If you really want to pamper your customers, provide coupons so that they engage in repeat purchases.

Interaction in Social Media

Social media is the place to be for all the online business owners. Creating a buzz about a brand can be successfully done in the number social channels. Your interaction in social media where you respond to your customers and are receptive to their suggestions, help in making them to connect to your more. If you are able to make your customers feel important via tweets or comments individually, it is definitely a nice gesture on your part.

The Uniqueness offered in the Landing Pages

When a customer lands up on a site’s home page, you need to make him or her feel special. It can be done via a customized message like “welcome back”. You can put a step ahead and catalog the products as a part of your recommendation. Having individual customer profile where you get to know their buying range, their preference and most importantly the array of products that catch their fancy, you are able to offer that personalized touch to the customers when they make recurrent visit to your website. In the face of the gloom economic condition, the e-buyers think twice before putting in their money. So it is not only the sales techniques that the e-sellers need to frame, it is about that edge that you need to add.

Say no to Automated Response

You might be proud of the fact that you offer 24×7 customer support and service with the pool of customer care executives willing to carry out their job. Studies show that one of the key reasons for an increase in number of shopping cart abandonment is the complex online shopping path. So to persuade the customers till the completion of the e-shopping journey, keep in hand executives who can personally attend calls and genuinely help out the people. Automated response is irksome, putting of the potential customers, increasing the bounce rate and the exit rate for the webmasters.


The ecommerce landscape has options galore to offer to the buyers as well as the e-sellers. So in order to ensure that your loyalists do not flock to another site; you can use notification as one of the important tools for notifying your existing customers about the latest products in store, hot sales news and the like. When you send a mail, be friendly in your approach and it should not look like that you are sending it to further your business prospects. You want to be on the top of mind of your buyers, so you need to bend the promotional rules and win the world with gestures that count.

Post Cards

Are you thinking that it is too traditional or hackneyed a trick to nab the attention of the customers? It is not so! Post cards can do their job if used judiciously. It is definitely that the virtual world is growing in leaps and bounds and there are definitive ways to resolve all issue online, but there are certain offline nuances and gestures, which can be your biggest bait. Email marketing brings in helpful results and it is true, but the unconventional way of sending post cards can click big time in ensuring higher conversion rates.

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