Top Comparison Shopping Sites That Sellers Must Get Into Before Christmas

Stephen Posted On - August 10, 2016

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Anytime is a good time to start preparing for catching the best of buyers in the festive season. With the onset of the 8th month of the Roman calendar, sellers should by now, be prepared with their comparison shopping engine strategies to make their products best visible. Sellers, especially the new ones who are yet to get into the comparison engine roller coaster, here is a list of options that can be considered for a healthy start…

Google Shopping:

Merchants may crib about costs and the life changing rollouts that are introduced time and again, but the truth remains… no other comparison engine can beat this top unchallenged master that gathers more than 20,500,000 unique visitors per month! Ranked as the best among all other comparison shopping engines, Google Shopping can literally help you dominate search results. All you need to do to stay in the safer side of this platform is to…

  • Gain thorough understanding about how the platform works
  • Export select and thoroughly optimized listing to the platform
  • Set a ceiling on how much you wish to spend in CPC per month
  • Use professional assistance for set up and integration
  • The rest will fall in place with unexpected ease.


    This may not be among the best comparison shopping engines, but it certainly is good! With 6,500,000 unique visitors per month and growing, you would want your products to be featured in this platform for an ever curious set of buyers. This again, is a paid platform but you have ample avenues to make your penny count.


    Nextag is yet another platform that bears the possibility of exposing your products before 8,000,000 unique visitors per month. While it is true that this platform requires you to set minimum bids on all categories while planning on a monthly budget, you can make up the expenditure with a healthy click to conversion ratio. You can also make the most of the fact that the listing rules in Nextag is not half as stringent as many other e commerce marketplaces or other shopping comparison engines, helping you list a wider variety of product under a wider variety of categories.

    Besides these, you can also consider other names that are currently very popular among sellers like, Bing Shopping, Price Grabber, Bizrate, Fat Wallet,,, Slick Deals, Pronto and many more. You must however, emphasize on strategizing from the very first day onwards to ensure minimum drainage of investments while attracting maximum conversions.

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    Top Comparison Shopping Sites That Sellers Must Get Into Before Christmas, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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