Top Performing Affiliate Networks in the US

Steve Burns Posted On - February 11, 2013

Top Performing Affiliate Networks in the US
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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make your financial health robust. For turning visitors into sales, affiliate networks can offer substantial help. A publisher paves the way for optimum level of exposure of the wide variety of products of the merchants and they get commission when someone follows a click and engages in buying online.

Google Affiliate Network

This resourceful platform, Google Affiliate Network, facilitates the process for the website publishers to smoothly connect with quality advertisers and earn  performance fee for generating sales. It is the valuable insights about the best-converting products offered by the Google Affiliate Network, which aid in managing a site’s yield and revenue growth. The dynamic interface helps in consolidating relationship with the advertisers and the system of reporting and tracking is really commendable. One of the advantageous points is that Google Affiliate Network is integrated with Google AdSense.


In the 2012 Blue Book for Top 20 Affiliate Networks, LinkShare earned the numero uno position owing to its super support quality and offering of maximum platform strength. It is reported to have more than 2,500 affiliate programs backed with over 10 million affiliate partnerships.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is the reputable ValueClick affiliate company that excels in offering performance based marketing solutions, online. It is a very popular platform that simplifies things for the affiliate marketers and the companies to work in conjunction for increasing their sales volume. Commission Junction Commission Junction also offers the summation of average earnings per affiliate link. This helps the marketers to choose the best links that will help in business promotion. This notable affiliate network lets you to search by product, link or advertiser.


It is one of the affiliate marketing networks in the US, which satiates both the affiliates and the merchants, successfully. Affiliates engage in the process of finding products for apt promotion, so that earning commission for referrals becomes easier. The e-commerce merchants can benefit a lot via effective management of their affiliate programs through tracking and implementation. Share-A-Sale scores because it offers top-quality tracking software and technical support.

Amazon Associates

The shooting high annual revenue chart of Amazon has established it as one of the giant online marketplace. Amazon’s affiliate program offer the marketers and the site owners a vast array of products that need apt promotion. Via affiliate links, income generated can be up to 15 percent based on the sales figures. The users are guided by direct links to the set of products, books, gadgets or any product of their choice.

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