Top Performing Comparison Shopping Engines in the US

Steve Burns Posted On - February 6, 2013

Top Performing Comparison Shopping Engines in the US
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The e-commerce merchants want their array of products and services to earn the optimum level of exposure. The retailers want to find the best shopping engines to optimize their site, to achieve their ROI goals and for expanding their business. The top comparison search engines act as the best platform where the interested buyers can look for products, check out the alluring deals and engage in price comparison before using their spending power. The merchants tailor their online advertising and promotional budget in tune with the paid and non-paid services that the CSEs offer.

Google Shopping 

When the search engine giant Google thought of charging the retailers, Google Product Search got transformed to Google Shopping in the fourth quarter of 2012. Way back in May 2012, Google had pronounced this business proposition. Business merchants could avail the immaculate paid listing service and show themselves up to create an online buzz only after paying. Google being the top player in this sphere made the other comparison shopping sites to put on their thinking cap whether to revise their marketing strategies or not. Google Product Search has always been the coveted CSE that generated quality traffic and higher amount of conversion rate. It facilitated the merchants to manually update the feeds and they could upload in bulk via FTP.  In 2012, Google Product Search has the highest conversion rate, it being 2.78%.


Nextag has carved out its own niche in the online domain by helping the buyers to book event tickets, travel destinations and have an easy access to the wide range of products cataloged under specific categories. It enables the buyers to use their purchasing power wisely. It is the innovative CPC pricing model of Nextag which help the e-commerce merchants to optimize their products in the respective comparison pages. Placed next to Google Shopping is Nextag in terms of having the conversion rate, it being 2.06%.


This search engine providing the price comparison service has satiated both the buyers and the business merchants alike. It was acquired by Experian in 2005 for a whopping $485 million. The snail’s pace at which global economy is recovering is making the purchasers to fasten their financial belt. Pricegrabber helps in checking out the hot, money-saving deals on computers, electronics, clothing, furniture, indoor living and the like. The e-commerce merchants vouch for Pricegrabber to let their products hog the limelight.

Amazon Product Ads

The e-commerce business merchants can cash in the potentiality of Amazon Product Ads as they get the scope to link customers to their business website externally. This shopping engine is soaring in popularity and Amazon is making data feed management more easier for the business merchants. In your Amazon Product Ads account, you just need to add your email. This makes way for receiving notifications about product feeds and payment alerts as text messages via the merchant dashboard. In order to make a product marketing campaign successful, the retailers must act wisely and choose the right comparison shopping engines.

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Top Performing Comparison Shopping Engines in the US, 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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