Top Performing Online Marketplaces in the USA

Steve Burns Posted On - February 6, 2013

Top Performing Online Marketplaces in the US
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Online marketplaces are effective sales channel where small businesses as well as the big shots can get optimum level of exposure. It is not only about building online brand image, but maximizing the reach of the wide array of products and services that an online retailer or wholesaler offers to the target customers. Exploiting the potentiality of the marketplaces can help a business merchant to observe surging sales number. Check out some of the top online marketplaces in the US that made the web a resourceful business platform:


When naming a premier marketplace online that has secured itself in the top slots, it is definitely Amazon. The e-commerce merchants who want to make their online presence felt, bank on Amazon as it inspires trust and builds credibility of the sellers. The marketing value associated with the brand name Amazon help the small, large or medium-sized businesses to grow. They could observe around 40% growth from 2011 in terms of the amount of goods sold in November and December in 2012. Amazon has moved ahead from its traditional offering of books and electronic goods and its focusing on cloud services, digital content and the like to broaden its horizon. Kindle sales rose to a whopping sales figure on Cyber Monday in 2012. It was the biggest ever Kindle sales that took place worldwide on Cyber Monday.


This globally notable powerhouse started off in the auction format in 1995. It has come a long way offering the scope of merchandise listing to individual sellers. Its meteoric rise is because of the increased number of active eBay users accounting to an 12.9% increase from 2011, as reported after the second quarter of 2012. It can boast of 113.2 million users who actively engage in product listing or buying. Use of mobile devices is becoming a strong source of engagement for the interested buyers to seal a deal. This top-notch company witnessed a soaring 23.1% increase in its e-commerce revenue compared to 2011 as the figures state after June, 2012. Ebay is definitely the game changer in the way people shop and make payments.


It is a tough job to find one of the compelling marketplaces online that would augment your selling prospect. With commission rates that range from 8-15%, NewEgg is known for its wide variety of product categories where the sellers can list their vast gamut of products. Customers in need of gadgets, computers and other related equipments have enjoyed the lucrative Black Friday deals which accounted for its rocketing sales figure in 2012. If you are looking for effective product feed and category management services, ChannelSale can be your trusted platform.


Etsy started off as an online provider of handmade items in 2005. However, it has grown in proportion and has earned a name among the busiest online marketplaces and its sales figure has crossed the $700 million mark in 2012, which was $525 million in 2011. Etsy has potential customers pouring in and it cashed in the number of quality online shoppers who visited Etsy from mobile devices for sealing business transactions during the holiday shopping season.

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