Top 7 ways for the Retailers to Defy the Threats of Showrooming

Steve Burns Posted On - June 21, 2013

Top 7 ways for the Retailers to Defy the Threats of Showrooming
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Ever since online shopping gained momentum backed with the power of mobile commerce, the brick-and-mortar stores are facing the heat. The purchasers buying the products of their choice are smart now as they want to save their hard-earned money, pick up the best quality products without compromising on the quality. The concept of showrooming where the prospective buyers are hitting the physical retail shops, checking out the products, but are resorting to e-buying, is making the traditional stores to lose out on their sales volume. Buying from an online outlet is enabling the buyers to check the latest price via the mobile apps, keep an eye on the vast array of products before choosing the best product. The reality is with the increase in the growth of the usage of smartphones, the impact of showrooming will be greater.

The traditional retailers or the ones with the physical retail outlets need not lose heart because of this showrooming trend. They can definitely fight back and here are some of the tips that the retailers can try out to defy the seeming popularity of showrooming.

1. Making your Physical Store Digitally-abled

Though it is going to be a pricey affair and you need to invest a lot for the digital store, still if you have the budget and want to score over your online rivals, bring that digital technology experience into your stores. For instance, it is the flagship store of Blueberry in London which has a mind-boggling array of digital gadgetry to offer a pleasing shopping experience to the customers. The features that can grab the eyeballs of the people can be video screens which change into mirrors, virtual make-up counters, Wi-Fi and the like.

2. Creating a Unique Product Line

In order to combat showrooming, the retailers are making the suppliers to come with products that can be sold in stores only. So it is time that people think about bringing about innovation in their product line. Target, a name to reckon with in the retailing field, has been walking on this track to lower the impact of showrooming.

3. Spread a Buzz about your Mobile Site or App

If you have taken the pains to have an app or a mobile site, you need to make people to know about it. You need to charge up the prospective customers to download the apps in stores, by offering some discounts and exciting offers. For instance, Debeneham made its apps to find favor with the prospective customers by making them the offer of free coffee when they scanned the QR code. It, in turn, made the intended buyers to spend great time in the store, with their inclination getting higher to seal a business deal.

4. Provide free Wi-Fi

Let mobile users when they come to your physical store, use your mobile site or app with the help of Wi-Fi. When you provide Wi-Fi for free, it will attract more customers and they would be happy of the fact that their net data pack is not reduced. The surveys show that 44% of all age groups have agreed to the fact that Wi-Fi influences have been successful in offering them the required impetus to shop.

5. In-Store Reviews

It is a proven fact that for any buyer, the reviews and rating matter a lot for influencing the buying decision. You are thinking that how would you get into the act or offer reviews to a customer offline? Well, it can be done. For instance, Blackberry does it at the point of sale with Reevoo reviews. So it is not longer a puzzle for the customers to know about the useful information on various specifications and features of the products.

6. Price-Matching

Though a risky venture, some of the retailers can take the plunge. As it is said, if you do not take risk, there is no gain. The popular name in the online marketplace like Best Buy once engaged in this act of matching prices during Christmas with the other competitors in the niche. By using this technique, if a retailer with a traditional store is able to find cross sales or repeat sales, then the risk pays off. However, the tendency to race to the bottom or suffer loses can be higher on the cards when you go for price-matching.

7. Cash in the “want it now” Psychology

Like the biggest advantage which the traditional brick and mortar stores have over their online competitors is that the customers leave a store satisfied with the purchases on their tow. They do not have to wait for the products like it is the case with online shopping. So the traditional stores have nothing to feel totally disillusioned as they have the means to hook in more customers and observe a higher rate of conversion when the customers use their spending power in store.

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Top 7 ways for the Retailers to Defy the Threats of Showrooming, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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