Tracing out how USA Online Shoppers are Revamping the Retail Experience

Steve Burns Posted On - January 24, 2013

Tracing out how US Online Shoppers are Revamping the Retail Experience
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Online shopping is gaining momentum with the US online buyers favoring the convenience, flexibility and the pricing structure. The retailers are optimizing their sites for mobile devices also which is making the online buyers to make a transaction anytime at their own convenience. The shoppers in the US are inclined to shop more online as they can avail the handsome discounts and can choose from a wide variety of products.

The Sophisticated Online Shoppers

The urge to shop online has increased among the individuals, making the e-sellers to offer a seamless shopping experience. The tech savvy buyers have become more informed and they are deft in conducting online researches and can find their choicest products by searching via categories. The operations of the online sellers are evolving and the online shoppers are also using a number of mobile devices to search for products to find out the exciting deals and offers pronounced online. The ‘showrooming’ trend is also on the rise where the potential buyers are making their presence felt in the physical retail outlets for checking out the products and for holding conversation with the sales stuff, but are buying that same product online. The web-based shoppers are smart as they save their hard-earned money by purchasing online with the help of discounts and money-saving deals. The free shipping service has also being one of the catalysts in making the buyers to flock to the e-shops more and more for using their spending power. The retailers must cash in these trends to let their sales figure to scale high while offering cent percent customer satisfaction.

 The Significance of Positive Customer Experience

In order to seal a business deal, transparency in the mode of communication is very essential. When a retailer gets into the good books of the customers, the traditional word-of-mouth promotion, getting referrals in social media become easier for them. A survey conducted in the US retail industry shows that over 90% of the online shoppers are more interested to recommend a retailer after they enjoy a good shopping experience. When the retailers are able to satiate their existing base, they are not only to get repeated sale but can build on their customer base and reputation.Embracing Digital Technology to the Fullest  As per the reports unveiled by Empirix and the Customer Experience Foundation in the US in 2011, it was observed that the US companies were yet to gear up for being equipped with a effective mobile strategy. Use of the mobile devices is shooting high and the retailers must make a good use of this trend to fulfill the needs of the customers and offer a supportive arm to the buyers in every phase of the internet-based shopping journey. Being digital means its incorporation must be in the way of operation of a web store, marketing, merchandising and the like. Customer is the king and by embracing technology and innovation, the retailers will be able to gauge the buying behavior of the customers and cater to their needs more successfully.

Exploiting Social Media

Social media has definitely created a buzz on the web with the social networking buffs pouring in unimaginable numbers in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the like. The norm of social sharing is making the retailers to create their brand image online and spread brand awareness. Via liking, sharing and commenting, social engagement is becoming the order of the day. The customers plunge into social media to get recommendations and feedback from their choicest social circle. The social media platform helps in forming a chain of network among the buyers. The smart buyers do their homework by engaging in social media to know about the utility of a product before they purchase online.

Multi-Channel Marketing Programs

When the e-sellers are vying to secure the top slots in the minds of the online shoppers, with their brand names having a higher recall value, it is exposure across multiple marketing and networking channels that needs to get augmented. For effective visibility across all the global channels, ChannelSale ensures its wide network of channel partners is able to maximize their online presence and reach out to their target customers. Simplifying the marketing campaign with proper data feed management,submission and optimization, for the online retailers is our cup of tea.


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