Unearth what Customers are Bagging this Festive Season

Steve Burns Posted On - January 8, 2014

Holiday Season Online Shopping
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During the Holiday shopping season, shoppers become more enthusiastic to fill in their wardrobe with the best apparels. And in the quest of stuffing the best, garment seller and apparel merchants are going to benefit a lot. Especially, online sellers are going to score more who provide swift and free door step delivery.

Research says that nearly 69% of the buyers prefer sticking to the same store from where they purchased last year.

Reason behind customer loyalty

  • 70% say toast to good customer service. They like it when they are given top most priority. The traders, who are always available via forums or social networking sites to their customers, build solid customer base. Under promise- over deliver, immediate complain resolving, a free gift or small coupon with the purchase and these type of features play a big part in loyalty-meter.
  • Free shipping service has been able to attract 62% of the shoppers. The cost for convenience has been bothering customers the most. When they are charged hug shipping cost, they develop apathy toward the store and prefer collect their items from the physical outlet. If the shipping service is free of cost, it allures customers the most.
  • Good sales and discount has pulled 58% of shoppers. When interviewed, buyers said, they like to buy from this shop (a particular shop) because they always get attractive discounts and gifts.
  • 55% decide upon the online store convenience. If the shopping process is too complex, they will avoid shopping from there. Interestingly, 50% customers are loyal to their brand since childhood and hence want to stick to it for life time unless they experience something bad.
  • 40% of the buyers stick to their old store because it is closer to their home. Another 23% and 9% slice shows loyalty due to reward points on purchase and layaway availability respectively.

Days of attractive offers

Shoppers believe that winter holiday gives special product and service discounts on special dates. Although, those who are shopaholic have a tendency to buy all throughout the year, but 28% purchases think of strolling around the stores on Black Friday to get best deals. 33% customers bank on shopping on After Thanksgiving. 15% think that Cyber Monday is the best day to shop. And a large 24% does shopping all through the month of December.

Budget allocation on gifts

Giving gifts to your near and dear one during the festive zest is an age old custom. From the survey it has been found out how much dollars do customers plan to spend on buying gifts.

  • $500 to $999 – 25%
  • $250 to $499 – 19%
  • $1000 to $1499 – 15%
  • No budget – 12%
  • $100 to $249 – 11%
  • $1500 to $1999 – 7%
  • Below $100 – 4%
  • $2000 to $2999 – 4%
  • Above $3000 – 3%

Popular retailers’ tactics

More than 75% of the renowned retailers/online retailers follow these tricks to attract customers.

  • Free shipping for limited period
  • 50% price cuts
  • Free gift coupons
  • ‘Only 1 left’ scheme

Whatever the percentage says, experiments and innovations always have rooms during this festival and customers are always ready to welcome better choices.

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