US Online Shoppers prefer to pay with Credit Cards

Steve Burns Posted On - August 2, 2013

US Online Shoppers prefer to pay with Credit Cards
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Click, click and this product is mine! Do you swear by this kind of online buying action in cyberspace? Online shopping has not only become the norm, the smart buyers have come a long way shunning the myths about the insecurity of the payment system, online. E-shopping is growing in leaps and bounds with the e-merchants boosting their graph of online revenue. Credit cards are the chosen form of payment for most buyers as it is the convenience and flexibility offered by this payment option, which makes the buyers to increase their online basket size.

The Change

With the impulse to buy online gaining momentum, it is the customers who has come from the comfort zone of traditional shopping and are readily buying online. The fact that the ‘showrooming’ trend where people are making the effort to visit the physical outlet to check out the products, but come back online to buy those is rising; it is the price factor which is the governing force behind the buying impulse of the buyers. It is the pre-purchase actions of the customers till the completion of the checkout process, which offers a lot of signals to a respective e-commerce merchant. By taking up the cues, he can streamline his offerings in a better way, so that there are lesser percentage of bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment.

The Statistics

Since shopping online, surveys are conducted from time to time to feel the pulse of the market zone. When it is the credit cards as the payment mode, a whopping 69% vouch for it. The survey reports claim that 40% of online shoppers choose PayPal to be their payment option, while debit card is placed at the third position. It has been reported that the U.S. consumers are active online buyers as they spend on average 23% of their disposable income on online purchases.

The survey was focused on the purchasing behavior of the US consumers in the first quarter of 2013.  It was the study of the purchasing behavior of the buyers where 53% used a smartphone or tab to purchase their choicest attires, 46% for buying books and 42% DVDs as per the reports.

In this era, where there is no dearth of heavy spenders online. In the U.S. it has been surveyed that 51% of consumers made a purchase on a smartphone, while 56% used their spending power via a tablet. The report furnishes some greater details about the US consumers, who actively indulge in shopping online. The smart e-buyers uses purchases on an average of 5.4 hours per month, compared with 5 hours for consumers when taken a look at the global front.

Some of the Key Findings of the Survey

  • The e-commerce merchants have reasons to rejoice with 95% purchases across the globe being made at home. With the number of top-quality mobile devices that facilitate the online buying spree, the buyers have no rooms to complain.
  • Getting glued to the television sets has been a common factor that is common among the people in the US. It has been traced out that the 59% online U.S. consumers watch TV while shopping online. When you compare the same nature of the buyers worldwide, it is 46% of the consumers who resort to watching TV while buying online.
  • US shoppers invariably cling to Amazon and EBay in most of the cases as a preferred choice to meet their shopping needs.

While the global economic condition not showing up a very pretty face, the e-buyers are tightening up their financial belt. It is the homework that they make before buying any product which shows their urge to save, while buying. Fast cash is not always one of the favorable options for the e-buyers and credit cards cater to their shopping needs with ease.

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