Valentine’s Day Sales Records Of E Retailers In 2014 Speaks Miles About Product Personalization

Thomas Posted On - May 20, 2015

Valentines Day Sales
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It is true that gifting is an art, and there are a very few individuals remaining today who would stand to justify general gifting. From cards to mementos, from t-shirts to cups, customers have been showing a keen interest in adding a personal touch to what they get for their loved ones. Consumer behavior as far as shopping for gifts in concerned has shown drastic changes over the past few years and personalization certainly tops the charts in this respect. Nothing stood as a better proof of this trend than Valentine’s Day 2015, when consumers were most willing to go thoroughly generous with their wallets when it came to having a certain gift specially created for the recipient.

Charming as this may sound, this behavior is sufficiently backed by data also. A survey has disclosed that over 70% men and women have mentioned that personalization of gifts is critical especially for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The fact that e-retailers presently possess the technology to offer widespread personalization options may have been one of the reasons behind such sudden surge. The fact that a chunk of the buyers did not hesitate to spend far more than what they would usually spend, also backs the impact of personalized gifts.

However, there is yet another section of buyers that seemed comfortable approaching target offers and discounts laid out by the e commerce retailers. Besides the matter of choosing personalized gifts, the e retailers have also witnessed the love for free shipping through the course of Valentine’s Day purchase period and other such important occasions. Basically, 2014 was a very eventful year as far as understanding changing trends in eCommerce marketing is concerned.

E-retailers today have a very good idea about how they need to make their approach especially in occasions like the 14th of February when billions of people are expected to wait to swipe their cards without cost restrictions. What would matter in the part of the e retailers though is the inclusion of right products, right offers and right marketing strategies to crack the hurdle of competition.

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