Very Convincing Reasons Why You Should Integrate With Right Now!

Robin Smith Posted On - September 22, 2016 integration
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) is scaling heights, which does not leave any doubt about the fact that it will rise to become of the leading e commerce marketplaces by the end of the decade. Did you know that this year old marketplace is growing 280 times faster than Amazon? Did you know that this platform is on the verge of crossing over a billion dollars in sale by the end of 2016? With 23% of repeat buyer rate which is way higher than Amazon and eBay there is no reason why sellers should not be willing to create their presence in at the earliest.

Features That are Just as Good as Amazon is introducing features that are just as good as Amazon leaving buyers with the option to choose the former over the latter and too without any regrets. Scrapping the old ‘membership model’, and embracing the more inclusive feature of free 2 to 5 days shipping over 35$ is only the beginning of things. Besides this, the lowest price assurance is also a reality with; Walmart coming to a close second.

Advertising Budget is Noteworthy intends to spend 25 million dollars per month for advertising. This is intended to win maximum exposure before target buyers by the end of the year. With proper and timely integration sellers can bag massive and maximum exposure before the traffic so gained through this effort. Basically this is an opportunity that no seller should miss.

Seller Benefits are Real

Did anyone mention that protects seller interests as well? Yes, it is true. Unlike marketplaces like Amazon and eBay where the buyers can access ‘no questions asked’ returns and refunds, the policies in are slightly different. While it is true that buyers can request returns, the policies for the same are very well constructed ensuring buyers return under valid grounds. This also minimizes fraud purchase attempts. In very simple words, it is safer to sell in API integration has become very easy…

For the first few months, the matter of API integration with had claimed the peace and patience of numerous sellers. This may have been the only blot in the process of startup. However, over the past year, third party ecommerce solution developers have already come up with evolved routes to facilitate best API integrations for quicker and more effective presence in this marketplace. Softwares, tools and associated support for API integration that are packed with advanced features are now available at very affordable prices which is worth the attempt.

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Very Convincing Reasons Why You Should Integrate With Right Now!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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