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Stephen Posted On - December 5, 2016

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Why Amazon sellers feel the need to be in as well

Amazon sellers at large are coming face to face with the fact that as an ecommerce marketplace is just as promising, profitable and growth based in nature. Inviting millions of unique visitors every single month that often don’t overlap with Amazon, sellers present in both marketplaces can actually access two very different channels of visibility and traffic that can create an instant upward curve in sales and profit graphs. is presently featuring among the top preferences of sellers in their multichannel efforts for all the right reasons.

What actually offers

For Amazon sellers who have already had their requests approved by, the next step is to look forward to flawless and effective Walmart Amazon integrated performance. In this respect and as has been pointed out by sellers who have already commenced their ventures in this marketplace, there is a host of advantages that are offered by in favor of all sellers, be it Amazon sellers or otherwise…

Easy setup and integration – has officially partnered with some of the best third party e commerce solution developers to offer all enthusiasts a smooth effective and quick setup and integration with complete protection from errors and flaws.

An astonishing number of loyal buyers that are rising by the day –

Walmart being a household name all over the world, it attracts repeat buyers to a huge extent. This is a visibility booster for all sellers be it Amazon sellers or otherwise.

Opportunity to build brand name more easily with repeat buyers –

Considering the fact that is more welcoming towards brand owners, building brand name can become easy in this marketplace. This is usually not possible for brand owners selling in Amazon. Therefore, playing in both of these marketplaces will not just boost traffic and conversions but will also bring about significant brand name improvement in favor of the sellers.

The flip side to consider –

On the flip side though, Amazon sellers have reported facing certain issues like pricing management can be very taxing and can often result in a tussle that is best when avoided. Both Walmart and Amazon want to offer the best deals to buyers with the former settling with nothing less than the lowest prices listed in their domain. At the same time, is yet to come up with comprehensive seller support solutions like Amazon seller central, which can lead sellers to seek assistance from external support tools and softwares.

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