Walmart Marketplace Seller Guide For Better Productivity

Stephen Posted On - August 8, 2017

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The instant advantages of selling in Walmart online marketplace are way too many. Once you are inducted into the marketplace as a 3P seller, you can experience a flood of purchase motivated unique visitors almost instantly and that too without having to try too hard. Topping it with low competition, it only appears that visibility and ranking are served on a plate.

However, these advantages should not be taken for granted, and sellers should make conscious efforts at improving productivity in order to prevent stagnation and a range of other issues that can plague selling endeavors in this otherwise promising ecommerce platform. Here are a few tried and tested tips that can help with the effort…

Integration is the first step to success –

Integrating Walmart with respective shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence like Walmart Shopify Amazon / eBay etc is the first step of harmonious and productive performance in this platform. This approach will help you automate your core operations thereby allowing you better control of the same often on a real time basis.

Tools and software solutions to enhance automation is expected –

Tools and software solutions can be massively helpful while managing presence in This can be with respect to basic processes like listing / inventory control tools, order fulfillment softwares, pricing re pricing solutions, marketing / review generation tools and more.

Approaching official integration partners is a good idea –

Walmart marketplace integration can never be any easier than with these infallible experts. The marketplace has partnered with some of the best e commerce solution developers of this decade that offer readymade and customized integration services to all that approach and that too at affordable price packages.

Respect the marketplace rules for lowest prices and best purchase advantages in favor of buyers –

The lowest price policy upheld by Walmart marketplace is one of the main reasons why profits are slower in this platform. However, trying to trick the marketplace by bulking up prices at the time of check out is not entertained by and is often responded with instant scrapping of visibility and ranking. Maintaining lowest prices and better purchase value for buyers is the key to remain in best visibility thereby gaining better sale and improved profits.

Maintain robust order completion systems, review generation and marketing efforts –

Lastly, sellers must ensure maintaining updated order fulfillment systems and motivated review management and marketing efforts to win more traffic and return customers. This is one of the best ways to remain in the good books of Walmart for long.

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