Walmart Performance Checklist For Amazon Sellers

Stephen Posted On - October 27, 2016

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If you are an Amazon seller wanting to sell successfully in as well, here is a performance checklist you cannot ignore. This super comprehensive checklist can go a very long way in helping you decide your scope as a seller in this marketplace if at all your application gets accepted…

Reseller or brand owner –

Walmart prefers brand owners in comparison with resellers. Therefore, if you are counted among the latter, your wait could be a little too long with Walmart as your biggest competitor. Chances for you to get your desired level of success or getting a chance to get into platform in the first place can be very bleak.

Amazon performance history with reviews and ratings –

Walmart does not want to bring its quality down with poor performers. It is therefore in the lookout for only the best performers not just in Amazon but eBay as well. So, if you wish to sell in Walmart eBay Amazon together, you will have to convince the former with good reviews and ratings in the latter.

Order defect rates –

This is one of the main reasons for losing customers. If your order defect rate is less than a percent, you must be the cream of the selling lot in Amazon marketplace. Walmart may therefore welcome you with open arms.

Buy box compatibility –

Your presence in buy box determines the strength of your strategies. If your products have or do feature regularly in this window, you can make a good candidate for Walmart selling.

Returns policies –

Buyers always have more faith in sellers that offer lenient return policies than those with stringent ones. Walmart takes return policies very seriously and determines your trustworthiness as a seller with the same.

Pricing and order completion –

To become a Walmart seller, Amazon price management is a critical requirement. Walmart wants to ensure that its buyers get the best prices in comparison with any other e commerce marketplace especially Amazon. So, if your Amazon prices look compatible, Walmart will be more than happy to have you.

Why is Walmart so specific about Amazon sellers?

Amazon is the biggest competitor of Walmart and it appears that the latter wants to ensure that it can beat Amazon with its own sellers. It can be said with confidence that it has managed to achieve a part of this goal with its stringent set of requirements for Amazon sellers to perform in this marketplace.

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