Walmart Selling Myths All Sellers Must Be Cautious Of

Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

Walmart Selling
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Myths and rumors are not uncommon in the world of e commerce especially when new and rather unexplored marketplaces make themselves available to willful and cynical sellers alike. Irrespective of the level of truth in these myths, people who lend their ears to these fragments of information need to be very cautious while making their decisions based on the same., which seems to have risen very suddenly to fame has also been shrouded with rumors for a while which may have been reflecting the platform in a very different aura.

Here are some of these rumors that need to be dispelled so as to help sellers make a more informed decision while creating their presence in this marketplace…

Walmart is not compatible with Amazon sellers

This is one of those ongoing myths that are on the verge of getting perpetuated. The aspect of price parity can be mentioned as the primary reason behind this belief. Basically, assures lowest prices to its buyer and expects sellers to maintain their pricing accordingly. On the other hand, multichannel sellers who price their products higher in Amazon in comparison with other marketplaces they are present in are dealt with iron hands.

In very simple words, if you wish to make it big in Amazon, sell products at the lowest prices; and this will never be digested well by The truth is, using professional assistance to maintain variable pricing can help alleviate this circle of misfortune. And yes, this is as easy as it sounds.

API integration can claim your sleep offers its own API integration which may have been a little tricky for inexperienced sellers a while ago. However, with the assistance of third party e commerce solution developers, the process can be very easy, hassle free and flawless as well. If someone says that Walmart API integration will claim your sleep, not believing them is the best thing to do.

Competition is very low

It is true that was experiencing a really slow phase of growth in the early years of this decade. It is also true that the number of sellers performing in this platform is nowhere close to Amazon. However, to believe that competition is blissfully low in this marketplace so as to give you an instant edge right from the very beginning of your setup, would be a little too much to expect. has been in news for inviting a flood of sellers over the past two years that has given a massive boost to the growth of the platform. At this very moment, competition is active at a healthy pace and sellers will need to work hard to gain visibility and trust in this marketplace. By the end of the next year, competition can literally reach cut throat levels and every performing member must be prepared to face the same.

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Walmart Selling Myths All Sellers Must Be Cautious Of, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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