WalMart updates its 2-year-Old Online Back-to-School Site

Steve Burns Posted On - September 3, 2013

WalMart updates its 2-year-Old Online Back-to-School Site
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When you are a big name in the retail industry, you need to set an example, lead from the front and Walmart is just doing that. Walmart’s back-to-school shopping portal “Classrooms by Walmart” a business strategy and an innovative concept clicked with the target audience and it became a huge hit last year.

The statistics show that 35,000 parents registered for the site and signed in for respective Walmart accounts. When a business strategy appeals to the target mass, it makes the loyalists to be the raving fans; building on to that business idea is what is required. Walmart just hit the right note and it has brought back with a bang this back-to-school shopping concept in 2013 with enhancements.

How are the Customers lapping it up all?

For the doting parents, the academic years for their kids play an important role. They want to give the best to their children. The suppliers are revamping their thinking providing top-quality classroom and school supply lists. It, in turn, is offering the parents the opportunity to shop for their children.

What’s New this Year?

“Classrooms by Walmart” category with the new business ideas brought about shows that school uniform lists have been added.  Lists in Spanish-language have also been inserted. A shopper has the scope to earn up to 4% cashback on behalf of her school, while engaging in the shopping spree.

Walking that Extra Mile

In order to make easy availability of the products, shoppers are offered free shipping service on the products or supplies bought.  With the products, uniforms or the ‘Classrooms by Walmart’ school supplies purchased, the orders placed online can be picked up in stores.

Last year’s response was quite remarkable as around 16,000 schools submitted supply lists to WalMart. This year the good news is that the numbers have not only doubled up, but it is said that it is almost 40,000 schools who have submitted the list to this shopping site. The new suppliers are encouraged by Walmart to stock supplies in tune with the requirements of the school. This is definitely one of the good moves adopted by Walmart that can help in nabbing the attention of more customers and boost its revenue.

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WalMart updates its 2-year-Old Online Back-to-School Site, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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