Walmart Vs eBay – 5 Differences To Consider

Stephen Posted On - April 26, 2017

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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast) and eBay are two marketplaces that share many similarities. From offering lowest prices and the best deals across hundreds of product categories to inviting millions of unique visitors month after month, these platforms are often recognized as monuments of possibilities for sellers in general. However, there are certain inherent differences in Walmart eBay marketplaces that make them compatible for some sellers while being strictly incompatible with the others. Here are 5 differences that all sellers must consider thoroughly before attempting to create a place in these online shopping destinations…

Getting into eBay is easier than –

In eBay, all you are required to do is open an account and get going at your risk. As far as is concerned, you need to apply for approval and wait for weeks till the marketplace grants you a go-ahead. Walmart is very strict with its 3P seller policies and not all applications are entertained.

Hobby selling is not entertained in –

If you have scrap to sell out of your cupboard, eBay should be your best friend. Walmart on the other hand, supports midsized to large sellers that are wholly and solely dedicated to crowd pulling on a serious month to month basis.

You cannot sell real estate on Walmart –

Taking a closer look at Walmart eBay comparison, the latter appears to be more accommodative as far as selling categories are concerned. For example, you can sell real estate, automobiles in eBay, but not in

Selling used and pre owned items is easy in eBay – is not a place where you can sell your pre used items. The nature of the marketplace does not support such acts and may compromise heavily on your visibility if any such attempts are made. In eBay however, pre used items can be sold as long as sellers are careful about adding the right descriptions for their listing.

eBay supports bidding equally as fixed price selling –

Versatility of eBay scores way over when it comes to fixed price selling and bidding. for 3P sellers revolves around fixed price selling only, which needs to be the lowest compared to the prices of the same products in other marketplaces. eBay on the other hand is open to sellers for fixed price selling and bidding equally allowing sellers to choose what works for them best.

Both Walmart and eBay though respond best when integrated end to end with respective shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence. Volusion, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Walmart, eBay integrations etc can be mentioned as examples.

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