Walmart Vs eBay – Here’s Why eBay Still Stands Tall

Thomas Posted On - September 15, 2017

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Sellers of late have been cribbing a lot about eBay for reasons that actually cannot be overlooked. The platform is way too crowded with sellers of all types, varieties and volumes; profitable selling principles are still elusive, gaining and maintaining visibility requires inhuman levels of efforts, the marketplace introduces killer updates and algorithms that has historical evidence of returning even the best of sellers to dust…

All this and more have been reasons that have motivated tired selling entities to consider as a worthy platform to move into.

The question is, when it comes to Walmart eBay debate, does Walmart really win or does eBay still hold its head high. Here are a few very valid points that support the latter…

Anyone can sell in eBay; Walmart is only for a few – Therein lies the reason why eBay is still indomitable in comparison with Walmart at a global scale. It does not matter if you are a small retailer, very large store owner or a hobby seller for that matter; eBay will always have a place for you. On the other hand, Walmart is open only for the best and the most established 3P sellers especially from eBay and Amazon.

eBay supports a treasure trove of product categories; is comparatively restricted – hosts everyday general everyday products involving home, kitchen, outdoor, equipments, tools, devices, grocery, affordable clothing / personal care products etc. eBay on the other hand is open to categories like real estate, antiques and more.

If you have heard about the most expensive jet plane or Yacht or even the Harambe Shaped Chitos being sold in eBay, you will understand why this platform is here to stay for years, perhaps decades to come.

Seller support systems are more comprehensive and useful in eBay – indeed is doing remarkably as far as seller support and integrations is concerned and is anytime less complicated than API integration. But eBay still has a wider set of solutions that not many ecommerce marketplaces these days can match.

World wide scope of eBay is still larger than Walmart online marketplace – may have managed to beat eBay in the USA, but when it comes to world wide endeavors, eBay still stands tall despite the mini struggles it is fighting almost everyday., though existent in a few nations around the world, will require many good years to match the present scope of eBay.

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Walmart Vs eBay – Here’s Why eBay Still Stands Tall, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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