Walmart’s List Of Expectation From Amazon Sellers

Stephen Posted On - December 8, 2016

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There is everything good about till the time you realize you are a seller in Amazon as well, and Walmart has taken note of this fact very comprehensively. In an offline scale, Amazon poses no threat to Walmart at all. However, in the world of e commerce, the latter considers Amazon its biggest competitor and has been very vocal about doing everything in its capacity to topple this online giant within the forthcoming years.

This is the main reasons why Walmart has presented a very carefully charted and rather stringent list of expectations dedicated to all Amazon sellers who wish to sell in this platform as well. Here are some of these expectations that have to a large extent, de-motivated many sellers in Amazon from approaching Walmart in the first place…

You have to be a crowd puller –

Walmart looks forward to inviting nothing short of power performers in Amazon. You will thus, have to be a medium to large seller attracting traffic by the thousands and fetching high levels of revenues every single month. If not, it is very likely that Walmart will keep your request pending for an indefinite period of time.

High reviews and ratings is mandatory –

If you have a very long product history with 99% 4 to 5 star ratings along with a host of very positive reviews, featuring in at the earliest will not be an issue at all. Sellers in Amazon that are yet to generate such levels of ratings and reviews may not find a place in marketplace Walmart.

Order completion system should be nothing less than perfection –

Considering the fact that Amazon is the biggest competitor of, the latter intends to match its service quality to the likeness of the former or make it even better. Perfection in order completion forms the backbone of purchase experience in the part of buyers, thus making it critically important for sellers in Amazon to maintain the same quality in Walmart.

Order defect rates should be less than 1% –

Interested Amazon sellers need to show and maintain their order defect rates at less than 1%. Any increase in this figure and sellers can be assured to lose all hopes for growth, visibility or even their presence in

Pricing should always favor Walmart over Amazon –

This is perhaps the most trying aspect of Amazon Walmart integrated selling. While insists on the lowest prices Amazon cannot tolerate their sellers selling the same products in some other platform at prices that can be counterproductive to its interests. Neither of the two platforms would budge at their price policies making things tough and demanding for the sellers in general.

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Walmart’s List Of Expectation From Amazon Sellers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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