What Not To Forget While Managing Feed In Ecommerce Marketplaces

Daniel Posted On - April 20, 2017

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Making a calculated and well strategized approach to managing data feed can be your first weapon to beat competition raging in top ecommerce marketplaces this decade. From ‘how you present your data’ to ‘how to refresh the same to keep it alive’ decides your fate in terms of growth and revenues. New sellers that may have just woken up to the present e commerce data feed management trends, here are 4 rules that should be borne through the entire course of selling, month after month and even, year after year…

Data management in ecommerce starts with optimization –

You may already know about the importance of titles, descriptions and quality of images. However, if you are yet to learn about the importance of optimization per se, any time would be a good time to start. Whether you sell on sears or on Walmart, eBay, Amazon etc feed optimization is your first step to gaining extended visibility, traffic and sales while maintaining the levels at the same time.

The process basically involves inclusion of proper keywords in the titles / descriptions that will allow the search engines to locate your products over that of your competitors. To make things simpler, there are optimization softwares that can help with the process.

Never forget to keep refreshing optimization approach –

For those that believe optimization is a onetime process, things may get very difficult in the near future. Refreshing and updating optimization approach at regular intervals of time is critical in data feed management for the simple reason that something that may have been applicable 2 years ago may be obsolete and non-existent now.

Never forget to include the right product identifiers –

Product identifiers like GTINs, UPCs, ISBNs, EANs etc when used in relevant categories can enhance visibility of the feed many times over. This is very relevant in platforms like eBay and Amazon with more sale channels toeing the line. Learning proper usage of product identifiers at the very onset can be very rewarding in terms of business development.

Never forget to use the right tools and software solutions for the purpose –

The word ‘manual’ has disappeared from the world of e commerce especially with respect to managing core everyday operational processes. Thus, approaching feed management with the aid and assistance from the right tools and software solutions is not a choice any more, but rather mandatory.

Availability of effective yet affordable solutions offered by promising e commerce solution developers these days can be massive relief for new and budget crunched sellers that are looking for feed management excellence at the very onset.

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