Which To Choose While Selling On Amazon – Sponsored Products Or Product Ads

Daniel Posted On - April 13, 2015

selling on Amazon
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Amazon is undeniably the largest and the most accommodating e-commerce marketplaces of the present times. This is one of those very few platforms that offer unparalleled benefits to sellers in infinite different ways each of which are aimed at improving the performance of the latter by leaps. In this respect, Amazon product ads and Amazon sponsored products can be mentioned as two extremely potent options when it comes to boosting visibility before target audience / customers and thereby increasing the possibility of conversions. While both of these Amazon solutions have proven ample usefulness, choosing the right option may further the efforts of the sellers.

Basically, Amazon Product Ads is a solution where the sellers can display their products in Amazon without having to sell in it. This has multiple benefits starting with the fact that Amazon is one of the most visited e commerce marketplaces and it is just about assured that the concerned seller would be exposed to millions of target audience per day. So, while the Amazon product ads show on the search pages, when the buyers click on the ads they will actually be diverted to the website of the concerned sellers than make the purchase from Amazon itself.

On the other hand, the updated Amazon sponsored products program is more refined in its approach in helping sellers gain visibility. This program includes features like automatic targeting, simpler seller usability and greater visibility. However, what may be considered a drawback is this program is the necessity for the sellers to be ‘sponsored products eligible’ and the chosen products must be buy box eligible. At present, there are only 6 countries where sponsored products are available and the advantage is spread only to 30 product categories.

Keeping the fact in mid that each of these programs work wonderfully in favor of the e-commerce marketing endeavors of sellers, the list of features in itself makes it amply clear about which to choose and which not to. Basically, there could be nothing better than selling on Amazon. If however, sellers cannot make a direct approach, eligibility for either of the two programs can be of massive help.

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