Why Amazon is the Most Coveted Online US Marketplace?

Steve Burns Posted On - February 28, 2013

Why Amazon is the Most Coveted Online US Marketplace
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Amazon is a master player as this world’s largest online retailer juggles its role with confidence be it in conceiving ideas about stunning hand-held devices, digital content, cloud computing, acting as a reputed online marketplace, offering immaculate customer care services and the like. As a web-based marketplace, it helps in establishing the connection between the interested purchasers and the e-sellers who list their wares with the definitive purpose of grabbing customers’ attention and increase sales.

Amazon has come a long way after starting off as web-based destination where the fervid readers visited to buy books. Then like its equally challenging competitor, eBay, it began acting as an online marketplace. Its shift to retail brought in successful results, enabling it to build on an exhaustible customer care base as Amazon breathes trust. The glorious history of Amazon makes  its loyalists to yen for more in terms of how Amazon will shape up in the future. It will definitely make wise business moves and by marching ahead showing its dominance, it is to be checked whether it will change into an Apple-like company. Like iPod instantly makes us to relate to Apple,with Kindle it is only Amazon that hits our mind. The huge success that Amazon has got with Kindle has made it to come up with the announcement of Paperwhite and two Kindle Fire variations.

The Awesome Amazon Sales Figure is $61 billion in 2012

Amazon, the big shot in the retail domain who clings to the numero uno position as the top retailer, has observed huge success in terms of revenue generation. The amount that the international net sales totaled was at $26.28 billion. It observed a hike of 23% from $21.37 billion, which was the amount in in 2011. When taking a look at the worldwide sales of books, products that the entertainment enthusiasts pick up like music and videos, it had a sharp increase of 12.1% to $19.94 billion from $17.78 billion. The other category of products like electronics and general merchandise also catapulted 34.5% rising from $28.71 billion to $38.62 billion.

The Online Retail Giant has its New Marketplace, Amazon Wine

Amazon is buzzing with news and this piece of information is going to satiate the wine connoisseurs living life king-size. This notable online marketplace has not only a dizzy mix and variety of wines, the wine lovers are pampered to the core by getting information on wine-making techniques, vineyard facts, wine tasting notes and a lot more. The well-penned reviews by other customers help the buyers with different preferences for wine and taste-buds to make the best buy. It is the plethora of top brands ranging from the conventional favorites to the all-satiating new ones which are made available in Amazon Wine.

Amazon’s New Specialty Store

Amazon has come up with a new amazing store called Amazon Entertainment Collectibles Store. It has over 350,000 rare and authenticated collectibles from the entertainment industry like music, movies and the like. It is one of the best places for an entertainment enthusiast to rifle through. The new introduction of this exciting category of this online marketplace as entertainment collectibles is surely going to leave a good impact in the minds of the entertainment enthusiasts, making them to crave for more.

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