Why are Marketers plunging into ‘Mudvertising‘?

Steve Burns Posted On - July 22, 2013

Why are Marketers plunging into
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Over the past four-five years, a new sport called ‘mudventure’ has been gaining popularity across the country. This sport combines arduous physical athleticism, team work and a whole lot of mud. Meets occur in different cities where participants gather and pay anywhere from fifty to two hundred dollars to take part. Why this sports popularity is growing at a phenomenal rate is because unlike other most other sports, the objective isn’t victory, it’s more about having a good time with family and friends and being fit and healthy. The participants are put through tasks, some of which can be described as death defying, and many of these events are not time bound. They are about being strong enough to finish the challenge and then share the accomplishment with loved ones.

If you are thinking why marketers are connecting to it, the main objective of every business is to reach to the broader target segment, so that the sales pitch of a marketer is broad and appealing enough to reach the targeted mass. Find out the reasons why marketers being attracted to this sport.

The Rising Popularity of the Sports Events

Marketers are being drawn into the world of mudventures because of the rising popularity of the sport. Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Warrior Dash are three of the biggest mudventure events that took place last year, drawing in around 2 million participants and generating around 200 million dollars. When you dwell in the amount generated by the smaller racing events, the figures go even higher.

The Attractive Age Group

Secondly, the average mudventure aficionado falls between the age group of 18-40 and has an income in the $70,000 range. This is a highly attractive age segment to market to with spending power that is high enough to make big brands sit up and take notice. There’s even an all-woman version of the sport called Dirty Girl.

The Sporty feel can be cashed on by the Brands

The sport events consist of highly taxing, physical tasks. Brands like Reebok will naturally want to capitalize on this event as it serves as meeting point for amateur athletes. One of the major events is even called Reebok Spartan Race and a Reebok-Spartan athletic wear line is about to hit retailers. This line will contain sportswear with ‘new technologies’ which will enable athletes to perform better in the mud. These events create the perfect atmosphere to conduct on site activations and sell sport apparel. So what are you waiting for, if you belong to the industry which has that sporty streak and that reflects in the products offered, you are rearing to go!

Advil, the painkiller, is also sponsoring a few of these events. This too seems like a natural partnership as the sports themselves are extremely physically taxing, as is training for the events and this ensures Advil’s relevancy in connection to this sport.

The Social feel

The main motif of mudventures is to have a good time and foster happy spirits. There are even after-event parties. Numerous brands position themselves as a giver of good times. The beer company Dos Equis gives a free beer to whoever completes a challenge in Tough Mudder. MillerCoors is returning this year as Warrior Dash’s official beer sponsor. “Warrior Dash embodies Miller Lite’s positioning of fostering the bonds of friendship,” says the brewer’s spokesman Jonathan Stern. “Great friends come from far and near to participate in the Warrior Dash. Miller Lite is all about good times with good friends, so the two brands work well together.” So social engagement in the physical world gets highlighted and emphasized via these events.

Though there are certain risks with associating your brand to something so potentially dangerous (two lawsuits are slated for trial this summer) the advantages to marketers in undeniable. The sport is becoming more popular and these events are a perfect platform for marketing on a mass scale. Many of these brands feel that as long as the organizers are dedicated to the well being of their participants, they will be satisfied.

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