Why do so many online sellers fail? And why you might too

Stephen Posted On - May 9, 2017

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The idea of launching your own online store is quite fascinating. And the striking (and viral) articles on the web that highlight the heroic rags to riches stories of few Amazon, Walmart, and eBay sellers propagate this idea to distance– to an extent to make many believe that selling online is very easy and that success on the scene is often guaranteed.

However, the fact is that running online stores is no less than a complete back-breaker; at least for people who have no experience in this niche. While you may have heard of few success stories that might have inspired you to venture this path, you have clearly portioned out the stories of many others who present a totally different picture about this market; stories of business owners who failed in their endeavor.

The misconception “It’s easy”

The biggest reason why so many online sellers fail to generate decent revenue is their belief in the misconception that things are easier in the market. It’s the fatal pitfall- undermining the amount of success and smartness that’s need to succeed here.

So if you’re planning to succeed as an online seller, get this misconception off your mind.

E-Commerce solution

Today, every expert recommend for multi-channel e-commerce software solution. It is in fact essential. Sadly, not many vendors take this seriously, trying to manually handle all the backend activities of their store. Needless to say, this takes a lot of time and often is unproductive. Signup to a nice solution and integrate everything from Americommerce Jet.com to Magentowalmart to enjoy the higher convenience. If not, expect a bumpy ride ahead with full of challenges.

No time for Marketing

So busy some people get in the products listing, inventory management and order fulfillment that they simply overlook marketing. They spend less time in promoting their products or stores. Some simply rely on the organic search result of search engines. Investing time and money in marketing is imperative. So be very careful to your products quality and other backend tasks of your online stores. But pay equal attention to marketing.

These are three simple why reasons why so many online vendors fail today. If you want to avoid the same fate, fix these and act smart. Good Luck!

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