Why eBay Sellers Are Switching Places With Walmart.com

Daniel Posted On - November 7, 2017

eBay Inventory management
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Many top and established eBay sellers have been seen shifting their base to Walmart online marketplace slowly and steadily, and here are the reasons why this shift appears to be the best decision they have ever taken in their lives…

  • Walmart is a universally recognized retail giant. Everyone knows Walmart and buyers are also amply aware of the fact that they can find good quality products in this platform in the lowest prices. Therefore, traffic is usually never an issue while selling in online marketplace. In fact, sellers don’t have to put their shoulders on the wheels to attract footfalls in their respective categories, something that is more than just imperative in eBay.
  • Competition among 3P sellers is expected to remain low for years to come. Unlike eBay which is the ultimate marketplace for all sellers irrespective of nature, product categories and volume, Walmart is only for the big shots. The criteria for entry into this marketplace has been laid out very clearly with focus upon previous work history, sophistication in order management apparatus, order defect rate and more. Sellers that don’t match the standards often don’t hear at all from Walmart.com after sending in their applications.

Therefore, high traffic and low competition works out wonderfully for the eBay sellers that are otherwise overwrought with cut throat rat race in eBay.

  • Integration is easy and affordable even those involving top names like Amazon eBay Magento, Shopify and more. Walmart.com has partnered with some of the top ecommerce solution developers that offer end to end functional integration solutions at very affordable price packages.
  • Visibility and buy box criteria are very comprehensive in Walmart.com. All that the sellers need to do is maintain lowest prices and offer free shipping while the rest would fall in place. eBay route to visibility still remains a mystery to most sellers. Walmart sellers that establish end to end integration at the very onset of their selling endeavors like Walmart Bigcommerce etc are likely to gain an upper hand as far as attaining long term visibility is concerned.
  • There are no rude surprises especially in terms of changing algorithms which is a part and parcel of eBay. Sellers therefore, feel more comfortable and secure while performing in Walmart.com than the latter.
  • Walmart online marketplace in on the rise. It has already beaten eBay to the no.2 spot after Amazon in the USA. The scope could increase further to infinite different nations by the end of this decade.

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