Why eBay’s Feedback Policy Has Put Sellers On High Alert

Thomas Posted On - July 29, 2016

eBay Feedback
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What is the new feedback policy in eBay anyway?

eBay’s dedication to improving purchase experience of buyers has taken a step forward with the eBay feedback system that was rolled about a year ago. This simple improvement in the feedback policy added nothing more than a simple question that requests buyers to state whether the product reached them in time or not. Taking a macroscopic view of this small yet phenomenal eBay feedback rollout, this is in fact a very simple way to improve buyer experience in eBay, while allowing this top marketplace to maintain vigilance on which seller is performing in tune with the requirements and which seller has been taking it easy.

eBay seller’s take on the rollout

As far as eBay sellers are concerned, a general sense of disagreement about the policy has been prevailing over the months. The basic question that the sellers have been asking is what exactly eBay is planning to do with the information. Will this information be used to affect the ranking and rating of the sellers in this platform? Will the data cause some sellers to get higher preference over the other? Smaller sellers who don’t have their shipping and order completion system in place are facing the brunt of this new eBay system introduction.

Sellers are also very worried about the fact that there are times when delays in deliveries are caused solely because of the delivery partners. However, if a buyer receives their ordered product at a later date, the seller will get a bad rating. eBay, with its new feedback system, will turn nothing more than a blind eye to the matter.

Expected results of this policy

While there a hullaballoo going on about this simple little introduction, eBay is very positive about the outcomes of it all. To begin with, sellers will now be on their toes to ensure in their part that the orders reach their destinations in time. Integration with delivery partners will have to be robust and fortified so that the game of passing blames cannot in any way interfere with the purchase experience of buyers.

Say for example, there have been many occasions when buyers paced their complaints after not receiving their products even after a week of eBay estimated delivery time. On contacting the sellers, the blame was passed on to the delivery partners and the buyers were further requested to contact the latter for their parcel. This has been a hassle for the buyers who pledged not to return to the platform.

This rollout in one way is expected to eradicate such issues and take eBay selling system to the next level.

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Why eBay’s Feedback Policy Has Put Sellers On High Alert, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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