Why the E-Sellers are pinning their Hopes on Pinterest?

Steve Burns Posted On - April 19, 2013

Why the E-Sellers are pinning their Hopes on Pinterest
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The social media buffs are increasing at a rapid pace and social engagement is becoming the hot trend that online businesses must cash in. Though it has just been three years that Pinterest has peeped into the social media sphere, this visually stunning bulletin board has been successful in pulling quality and steady traffic. The online retailers, eying for visibility, can bank on this social media platform to let their vast array of products find the required exposure. Facebook and Twitter are the other social media giants that are helping the e-businesses to flourish. Facebook and Twitter are more about spreading brand awareness, helping in consolidating the brand image in a respective niche.

Visual Impact is the Key

The e-sellers always come up with the best and innovative marketing strategies so that they are able to reach out to the target audience segment in a better way. Pinterest with its thematic boards let the e-sellers to pin the images of their wide variety of products, share videos and content that are eye-grabbing. The high resolution images act as a trigger for the users, making them not only to check out those products with acuity but take a step ahead to hunt down those for effective buying. Visual effect becomes more communicative than words with the neat categorization of the products in the different boards reflecting separate themes.

Pinterest works more like a Digital Catalogue

Whether relaxing on the couch with a laptop, MacBook or seriously browsing the web to find the best products of their choice, the nature of the buyers varies. This in turn, affects their buying behavior. The e-sellers can have a higher rate of conversion when they have the potential buyers hooked to Pinterest. The visually stunning topical boards often acts like an online digital catalogue that the interested buyers love to rummage through for taking wise buying decisions.

Social Engagement

The e-sellers have got a better picture of social engagement and interaction. The online business merchants share a rapport with their target audience in Facebook and Twitter, paving the way for online branding. This is because these two social media sites have been there for a while. Facebook is the chosen platform for many web merchants, aiding them to create brand awareness and exposure. However, e-businessmen are still grappling as to what should be the best method that they can apply to win over the social media buffs who love to “pin it”.

Gauging the Purchasing Behavior of the Potential Customers

  • The individuals who spend a considerable amount of time in social media and get glued to Pinterest, help them in creating a visual encyclopedia. The interested users lock the products safely that have tickled their fancy on their minds
  • The users treat Pinterest as a medium via which the buyers make their wish lists of products that they can easily search, scan and buy later
  • The glanceability factor has made Pinterest to soar high in popularity and it is a great influencer making people to communicate, share, interact and remember
  • Pinterest is said to reshape ecommerce and rightly so because this visually appealing social media platform has a more materialistic and commercial appeal, attracting the attention of the buyers

The Social Sales Number got to Catapult

The web merchants are learning the rules of the game when they are venturing into social media. For making a brand to go viral, the e-sellers must get into the game, know the hangouts of the customers, connect with the customers, solve their queries, share with them effective tips and suggestions and create a likeable social profile. Without indulging in bragging or straightway getting into hard sales, an e-seller should nurture his network of customers who have a strong social presence, without nurturing his products always.

The social sales number is only going to rise up when social engagement will lead to conversions. Some of the top brands had to shut down their Facebook web stores as it could not observe higher sales. The process of facilitating online sell is what the social networking platforms must pay attention to, so that direct buying becomes easier for the interested purchasers. Pinterest should be thinking on similar lines so that the products that they come across in Pinterest can be bagged conveniently in a direct way and in quick time. Though social sales is not going to happen overnight, it is about building credibility of a brand that inspires trust via shared experiences. This, in turn, leads to repinning , commenting, greater interaction in Pinterest of the users who are armed with a higher purchasing power.

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