Why You Should Sell On Walmart.com

Robin Smith Posted On - September 20, 2016

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It has been a few good years since Walmart decided to embrace e commerce as potent platform for further growth. But as time would tell, this otherwise glorious retail chain has managed to pull very little in this endeavor. As has been the case with maximum e commerce marketplaces, the primary competitor, Amazon, still rules the arena and leaves very little scope for any other marketplace to gain any significant edge. Say for example, back in 2014, Walmart.com scored a 12.2 billion dollars worth of online sales in comparison with the whopping 89 billion dollars that Amazon.com made.

These figures stating Walmart Amazon difference is striking and often intimidating. This is also reflective of the fact that if sellers wish to make a difference in their e commerce future for the better, Amazon still is the most viable option that they must consider. The question that demands some answering thus, is whether sellers who are in the process of expanding their multichannel efforts should or should not include Walmart.com in their list. As has been expressed by a number of ecommerce gurus, the idea to include Walmart.com would not be unwise after all and here are a few reasons that back this thought…

  • Firstly, Walmart.com is busy powering up its services that will help sealing the gaps that gapes in comparison with Amazon. Attempts to bring life to the idea of Shopper’s Club that would offer free delivery to the buyers all through the year for a small yearly fee, can be mentioned as an example. The Shopper’s Club is very similar to Amazon Prime, and to many it appears to be an inspired idea.
  • Secondly, the rising numbers of unique visitors is a clear indication that Walmart Amazon gap can close sooner than expected. at this very moment, the number of unique visitors in this marketplace is touching 90 million per week with more and more curious ones dropping in to experience something new.
  • Walmart.com is taking progressive approaches to push their e commerce efforts like never before. Choosing to partner with certain very high quality e commerce solution developers as official integration partners is an example of their dedication. These ecommerce integration partners are recognized for sophisticated solutions like eBay Jet.com syncing etc. With this effort, sellers will find it easier to practice in the marketplace while offering A+ services to the buyers, which will in turn convince the buyers to come back for more.
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