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ChannelSale multi-channel ecommerce platform is a great solution for Sears marketplace sellers to dynamically manage their content, pricing and inventory feeds....
Pinaki Datta,
Director of Product Management,
Sears Commerce Services
I can honestly say that without ChannelSale, the online part of our business would not be in the position it is in today. Our revenues are much improved and more diverse....
Stephen de Sylva, VP,
Online Sales, AIP Electronics
ChannelSale helped us save time and money by automatically synchronizing all our products from Magento to all the marketplaces and compression sites. Before we had to us ...
Eyal Brikman, Managing Director,
ChannelSale helped us reach marketplaces we would otherwise have not been able to reach. Their response time is always quick and turnaround for requests is communicated...
Chance Hood, Marketing Director,
I was looking for a solution to list new products & manage real time inventory on my Volusion website, eBay and Amazon. Before we selected ChannelSale, I checked many other solutions such as Channel Advisor, Kyozou, SolidCommerce etc ...
Xue Xu, CEO,
Beneficial for Direct Retailers, Resellers and Agencies

ChannelSale is the ideal platform for Direct Retailers, Resellers and Agencies to manage their multiple channels for retailing their products.

  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Zero Revenue Share
  • Zero Commission
Expert Assistance to manage your multi channel sales program

Use our expert help to manage your multiple sales channels. Our Assisted Deployment Program will enable you to delegate all the actual work of distributing and optimizing your product offers to different channels, while benefiting from the sales it generates.

Detailed Analytics to improve bottomline

How, when and where are your sales coming from? Get a macro and micro view of your business with our analytical engine that offers you detailed views that will inform and empower you to improve your business bottom-line.

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