Channel Support FAQ’s

What does ChannelSale do?

ChannelSale is an eCommerce platform for online retailers that facilitates centralized management of 200 plus online shopping channels such as marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Sears, and comparison shopping engines: Google Shopping, Nextag, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber and affiliate networks: CommissionJunction, ShareASale, LinkShare and more all thru a single simple easy to use interface. The ChannelSale application allows the users to optimize the product inventory data feed, setup automated datafeed submissions on multiple channels and provides detailed comparative real-time analaysis on the performance of your products thus providing a macro and micro view of your products sales.

What are Data Feeds?

A Data Feed is simply detailed information about the products your store carries, including product name, price, product images, SKU or UPC numbers, etc., stored in an electronic file (tab, .csv or .xml) and is the source by which shopping channels derive descriptive information about your products.

Why subscribe to ChannelSale E-Commerce Marketing Software as a Service?

Having your store's presence on multiple channels is imperative to increase sales. This requires an extensive labor effort in terms of setting up different campaigns and optimizing as per the individual comparison shopping engine's or marketplace specifications. Since most of these avenues are paid campaigns a close watch needs to be kept on the spends to ensure the best return for your money. This is where ChannelSale provides an automated solution and saves you lot of time and money thus increasing your efficiency. It eliminates repetitive and unproductive work and allows you to enlarge your product, brand distribution and reach without increasing your work load. It improves your productivity, offers you convenience and it is a far more economical way to manage your retail business across different e commerce websites and comparison engines.

ChannelSale offers you flexi pricing that will enable you to select the plan that suits your level of business and need for support. Our pricing plans are based on several zero cost services and a calibrated price for increased support or a fully managed solution.

The Zero based offer!

  • Zero Transaction Fees

  • Zero Revenue Share

  • Zero Listing Fees

  • Unlimited Store Fronts

  • No Minimum SKU requirement

Does ChannelSale support multiple E-Commerce store fronts?

Positively! Channel Management enables your representatives to support customers from an unlimited number of online storefronts, even if each storefront is on a different platform.

Can I use ChannelSale if I am new to the concept of e-commerce?

ChannelSale is devised and designed to make online marketing easier for non technology savvy online merchants. Our team will be delighted to assist you through the formalities involved in setting up your online marketing feeds. Do call us, or write to us for further assistance.

What are the ways in which I can import my data into ChannelSale?

There are multiple ways to import your product feed data into the ChannelSale Database. ChannelSale accommodates and accepts most types of data feeds including:

  • Excel Spreadsheets

  • .CSV | .TXT

  • XML

  • Amazon | eBay

  • Shopify | Magento | BigCommerce | Volusion | & Many More

How do I continue to benefit from ChannelSale if my product feed keeps changing frequently?

We have an automated system for uploading your products into the ChannelSale database. So technically your product list can be updated as often as you schedule the import of your product feed.

Should I sign on different online Marketplaces and Comparison Shopping Sites before I engage ChannelSale?

You can set up and register with online Marketplaces and Comparison Shopping sites while you are completing the set up of the ChannelSale web application. You can also register prior to the same, But registrations on the online Marketplaces and Comparison Shopping sites are not done on your behalf by ChannelSale – these do need to be done by you prior to sending them your feed.

Do I have to install any hardware or software to become a ChannelSale user?

No- the ChannelSale application is available on the web as a SaaS platform ( Software as a Service) . You can access this application from any computer anywhere without installing any software. Our analytic feature –Calculus Reports though does require a tracking code that will take mere minutes to install.

Will there be any downtime when switching over to ChannelSale if our company is already using comparison engines?

The installation of ChannelSale can be managed in a manner so that there is no down time. Prior to the installation please verify that your products are properly imported and ensure that the feed being exported to the Comparison engines are exact replicas of your current feeds to the engine. (which may be different than the default format issued by the comparison engine). All this can be achieved in very little time, though it is dependent on your data and the number of channels you currently use. Once you have completed the installation though, suspend your traditional ways of entering feeds, and switch on to the ChannelSale format, and ensure zero downtime.

How does your plan pricing operate?

We offer you a simple flat fee for your usage of ChannelSale features. There is no commission to be shared, no revenue to be split up and you get to keep all the profits from your sales transactions done through the site. In that sense, ChannelSale is the most economic of the available choices in the market. For further information on our pricing and plans visit our pricings page.

What if I have multiple websites?

We register one e mail id per account/domain or website. You will require a unique e mail id for each website you register.

Do I have to sign a legal contract to engage ChannelSale?

ChannelSale is a pay as you go service. You just agree to our general terms and conditions and contract the services for a month. You can choose to discontinue the service at any time, so in that sense you are not locked in for any length of time beyond a month.

How can I get better placements at shopping comparison sites such as's non-productized ( also called dynamic) categories are organized by the level of relevance to what the browser keys in as its search string.

Clothing, shoes, toys etc, could be such categories. You can optimize your product names for these categories and increase your relevance levels. The preferred product name structure is: ["Product Brand" "Descriptive Copy" "Product Type"] for example a well structured and optimized description could be [Timberland] [elegant office wear shoes] [ Formal Shoes]. Keep in mind that you can only make the product optimized for a specific search. For example in our above case the description could be relevant when the browser types formal shoes, but less relevant when it comes to a search string such as Timberland. Remember that product names should be specific and to the point. Product descriptions could include more detail.
In non productized cases, for most searches, there are several ties for relevance. In such cases here is the order of tie-breakers we use to determine top listing. Trusted store? Is the item in stock? Higher overall store rating. Larger number of store reviews. Detailing of tax and shipping costs. Is the add-on logo turned on? Higher bid for searches with less than 4 matches' etc- all such listings with these characteristics dovetailed will be featured in the display of the search result.

Do you guarantee top placement on search engines like Google?

There is no explicit or implicit guarantee, though our feed optimization helps in improving overall rankings. No one can practically guarantee top ranking as they are subject to changing algorithms of the search engines as well as optimization activities by the competition.

How long does it take for my product feeds to appear on Comparison Shopping Sites and Marketplaces ?

If the feed is clean and optimized either by the client or by the ChannelSale Team the feed will be visible on Comparison shopping sites / Marketplaces within a period of 24-48 hours. But in certain cases where the feed needs to be extensively worked upon and optimized, it can take as long as 5-6 days. These instances are normally rare and far between. In certain Comparison shopping sites, there are many phases to be completed before the feed is delivered. Our stated timelines assume that these phases are already completed by the client.