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The proof of the pudding is in its eating. Here are some of the many clients who have endorsed our services by using our site to manage their multiple market places, comparison shopping engines and affiliate network campaigns. Follow their example by giving Channel Sale a try. It is the most economical and effective way to handle multiple channels. Our customers include online merchants who do an annual business from US$ 250k to as much as US$ 25 M in revenues.

ChannelSale multi-channel ecommerce platform is a great solution for Sears marketplace sellers to dynamically manage their content, pricing and inventory feeds. They have been a very supportive aggregator partner to Sears with their on-time responsiveness and their solution’s ability to meet our specific needs. Be it a small or large seller, they have always provided un-divided attention and support to make the sellers successful on Sears platform – Thank you!
Pinaki Datta, Director of Product Management
Sears Commerce Services
I can honestly say that without ChannelSale, the online part of our business would not be in the position it is in today. Our revenues are much improved and more diverse as a result of simultaneously being able to list our products across a huge range of venues, and adding new products is as simple as adding one more row to a spreadsheet. Also, ChannelSale reports have provided us with key insights that have allowed us to more effectively target our resources and efforts to where we can get the most value. I know for a fact ChannelSale provides us with an edge that our competitors just don’t have. I would recommend that anyone selling in volume online or managing a large variety of SKUs take a good look at what ChannelSale has to offer and how they might be able to help you succeed with your long term goals.
Stephen de Sylva, VP, Online Sales
ChannelSale helped us save time and money by automatically synchronizing all our products from Magento to all the marketplaces and compression sites. Before we had to use at least 4 of our employees, Today, only one person works on all platforms. Great customer service and helpful. Since we started on ChannelSale we had a 3X sale growth on Amazon.
Eyal Brikman, Managing Director,
ChannelSale helped us reach marketplaces we would otherwise have not been able to reach. Their response time is always quick and turnaround for requests is communicated clearly and followed through. There is no other provider in the space where you can find a better value for the service. I highly recommend them to anyone who currently sells or is interested in selling across a variety of digital marketplaces.
Chance Hood, Marketing Director,
I was looking for a solution to list new products & manage real time inventory on my Volusion website, eBay and Amazon. Before we selected ChannelSale, I checked many other solutions such as Channel Advisor, Kyozou, SolidCommerce etc, some of them were very difficult to set up, and some of them were very expensive. After careful study, we decided to go with ChannelSale. The thing I like about them is that it is very easy and straightforward to get up and running, we basically just submit an excel file containing all the inventory information and then they helped us to communicate with all shopping sites through API's, so it is a big relief for us that we don't need to manually update the quantity of the inventory. I would also like to mention that the support team from ChannelSale is very efficient and knowledgeable, they resolve the issue within a reasonable time frame and the resolve rate is 100%. Also the cost of ChannelSale is only a fraction of what other solution charges, they do not charge for percentage of sales, not like other solution providers that usually take a huge amount of your profit, especially for the sales level you already established with eBay or Amazon over the period of time. So overall I would highly recommend ChannelSale as your marketplace solution.
Xue Xu, CEO,
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