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Smart listing on Marketplaces

Smart listing of your products on websites like Amazon requires you to know about the intricacies of the marketplaces. Channel Sale enables you to eliminate the guess work and allows you to match your inventory information to the marketplace's complex listing requirements.
We offer you strategic advice and means to achieve your sales goals. List your products on Amazon against specific ASIN’s. Setup to automatically retrieve Amazon inventory and price to be submitted on other marketplaces. eBay custom HTML ad template with tags mapped to your product data feed file are supported.
eBay Motors Vehicle compatibility is pre-configured.
Multiple shipping cost profiles at SKU level can be defined.
  Amazon eBay Sears Newegg Listing Software
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Manage your inventory

Channel Sale offers you a variety of easy ways to manage the best listing strategy for your business.
  Amazon eBay Inventory Management Software
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Manage errors with ease

Get displays of a batch of errors that occur and understand the cause in simple and easy to understand manner. The errors are shown grouped so that you can process the resolution of similar errors without having to repeat the process again and again.
  Managing Listing Software
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Product feed import / export execution status logs

View the complete diagnosis report of each feed import / export process in your Channel Sale account message center. For example, view last executed Feed import summary, Amazon product posting summary etc. This view will indicate the time of execution, total number of records, success count, error and warnings count. Clicking on “+ Details” will expand the message and a link appears to view/download the complete report for listings with errors or failed listing along-with the sku number and error description. This section will keep you up-to date with all processes of your Channel Sale account and in case of any queries, we are always here to help.
  Managing Listing Software
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Product Re-Pricing Business Rules

Easily setup variable pricing for the marketplaces using various methods such as markup pricing based on %, cost to profit ratio based dynamic re-pricing etc. Change these parameters at any time.
  Managing Listing Software
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