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Calculus Report

Analyse your performance with Channel Sale's Reporting and Analytics capabilities

In an industry where trends change dynamically and rapidly, analysing performance across different time frames, and across different Comparison Shopping Engines is both essential and necessary. Channel Sale's trend analysis charts give you up to the minute trends of your performance and allows you to compare success metrics across categories. These analytical reports offer you deep insight into customer behavior and offers you actionable information that will assist you in taking decisions that will positively impact your business results.

View graphical representation of performance

Channel Calculus graphical representation of performance data offers you a simple to understand visual means of comparison. Analyze performance across various Comparison Shopping Engines websites and analyze factors such as conversion percentage and revenue generated.
  Performance reports across Comparison Shopping engines
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Dashboard to analyze pan channel performance

View performance data across different time frames and across different Comparison Shopping Engines.
  Analytic reports across Comparison Shopping engines
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