Wholesale reseller

What is the Wholesale Reseller model and who is it suited to?

The Wholesale Reseller model is ideal for Agencies and Service Providers who seek to sell the ChannelSale Software as a Service to their clients without having to deliver any operational or technical support to them. We offer Wholesale Resellers specially discounted rates and the Resellers are free to fix their own price to their clients.

  • Benefit from increased revenue contribution from each and every client you make.
  • Wholesale resellers charge their own mandated prices and we deliver the technical and customer support to their clients.
  • Benefit from discounted pricing from ChannelSale.
  • This is an ideal way to boost your business and revenue as your role is free from operational responsibility.
  • It is also a calibrated pathway to migrate from pure sales to a service provider model with substantially low startup expenses.

How will the Wholesale Reseller program benefit your clients?

Earn more profits and get access to unlimited multichannel online marketing resources

With the ChannelSale multi channel online marketing platform to support you, you can manage unlimited accounts using our dashboard and add to your profits.

Improve your client's online traffic and conversions

By sending your client's feed information to 200+ market places and comparison shopping engines, you increase their visibility and their conversion rate.

Save your client's expenditure

You can use ChannelSale's powerful filtering mechanism Calculus Reports to pin point underperforming channels, and focus your marketing efforts on channels that deliver sales. This will reduce your client's outgoing and save costs.

Create and send search engine friendly data in almost any format

ChannelSale accepts source data feed in multiple formats, so you can clean, and send the product feeds to 200+ channels easily and with great results.

Additionally ChannelSale has the capability to track and collate every click and purchase that originates from your client's marketing campaigns, and our analytical engine Calculus Reports can deliver you incisive reports that will help you direct your efforts towards channels that work for you. It will also give you a bird's eye view of the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.

These hard statistics and real time information will help you eliminate guess work from your marketing efforts and make it more result oriented.

To become a ChannelSale Wholesale Reseller, call 866-709-9495 or click here to fill the Partner Application Form.

ChannelSale Wholesale Reseller module Features :

Send your product feeds to any online Marketing Channel and Comparison Shopping Engine

ChannelSale and Calculus Reports is the most powerful online marketing engine that facilitates direct selling online merchants, resellers, agencies and wholesale resellers to maximize the benefit and profits of their online marketing campaigns. Our powerful Feed optimization allows you to customize your product feed to suit different channels, and these can be customized to changing requirements. Calculus Reports on the other hand gives you real-time analysis of which channels are performing and which are not so that you can optimize your efforts and benefit to the maximum.

Calculus Reports Analytics to guide your efforts

Optimize your efforts and increase your returns with the powerful analytical capabilities of Calculus Reports. The analytical engine gives you a real-time bird's eye view of the results of your marketing campaign and enables you to alter your efforts towards maximum returns.

The One Stop Gateway to manage your product catalogue feeds to 200 + Comparison Shopping Engines, MarketPlaces and Online Marketing Channels.

The Zero based offer!

  • Zero Transaction Fees

  • Zero Revenue Share

  • Zero Listing Fees

  • Zero Set Up fees

  • Zero Miscellaneous Charges

  • Unlimited Store Fronts

  • No Minimum SKU requirement

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