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Product Data Feed Management Software

Marketplace Product Feed Management Control Panel

View and control all your marketplace feeds through a single simple, easy to use interface. Change feed posting frequency scheduler settings, Edit the label (selective group of products) assigned to the marketplace feed, activate or pause feed, download feed file for your review, view last processed time and next scheduled feed posting run, click on Post now to over-ride the submit the feed now.

Product Data Feed Management Software

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Manage performance dependent listing schedules

Manage aspects like listing duration, frequency and type of listing – example fixed price or auction, frequency of relisting and quantity per listing by using a single schedule that can be applied to groups of eBay listings.

Comparison Shopping Product Data Feed Software

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Block inventory on stock outs

When your stock is running low or you have exhausted your inventory, automatically ensure that your product is not listed. This will ensure relevancy of the search for your customer and save time and hassles at your end.

Inventory feed management software

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Custom Design your offerings on marketplace listings

Offer your product information in the most novel and user friendly format with our customizable listing management service. Utilize your custom designed HTML Ad template for eBay listings, select sale type – fixed or auction, sale start date / end date, accept best offer from buyer, payment methods, shipping time, return policies etc.

Shopping Data Feed

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Map product information with efficiency and speed

Key in important inventory related information on your marketplace lists and link this information to multiple listings through category specific templates. Our system readily accepts unlimited number of custom product attributes.

Comparison Shopping Product Feed Management

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Selective products listing on the marketplaces

Utilize the “Label” feature to group selective products meant to be listed on specific marketplaces. These “Labels” are then assigned to the marketplace feed. System has the feature to create multiple labels and multiple feeds. You can add/ remove the assigned products in the “Label” at any time easily through the front end interface.