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Calculus Reports

Benefit from the marketing insights delivered by our Calculus Performance Reports analytic capabilities

Detailed and customizable reports and analytics from Calculus Reports offer you deep insights and actionable information that you can utilize to boost your business. You can view your performance across channels across product lines and across time.

Multi Channel Dashboard for macro view of business

Compare your web store performance across multiple marketplaces, time periods (date, month or quarter wise). Here view the synopsis of marketplace wise Total Orders, Total spend per Engine (Commission payouts to the marketplaces) and Total Revenue per Engine.
Get a bird’s eye view of where your sales are coming while comparing to the associated costs across channels and devise your marketing strategy accordingly.
  Channel Analytics and Performance ROI reports
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Performance details micro level reports

View in depth performance reports at SKU level, utilize various parameters and metrics to compare the results for one field to another field for same provider or compare one provider to another provider for the same field. Summarize results by provider, category or SKU. Select from comparison metric options: quantity sold, total fees, product cost, GMV, ASP, net margin.
  Inventory Velocity Reports
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Inventory Velocity Reports

View and analyse recent sales of different products and calculate timelines for inventory replenishment.
  Inventory Velocity Reports
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Analyse Sales History

Our detailed historical sales reports will help you quickly and easily keep track of sales, and its resultant profits/losses.
  Historical Sales Reports
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Check product activity

View historical sales reports and manage your inventory to ensure uninterrupted sales.
  Sales Performance Management
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Marketplace Open listings report

View the total products listed across different marketplaces in this report. It gives you the individual SKU status and overall SKU count summary. You can search for specific SKU’s and withdraw listing if required. The available parameters for search within this report are SKU #, Title, Marketplace Listing ID or Quantity. You can view the last posted date for the SKU on the marketplace.
  Sales Performance Management
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