Value Added reseller program

Opting for the Value Added Reseller Program is ideal for people who want to bundle Channel Sale Management program along with other existing products or services. As a Value Added Reseller, you sign up on behalf of the client on the Channel Sale Management Program at a discounted rate. Under this arrangement Channel Sale will provide services to the VAR, who in turn will provide support and various products and services to the client. VAR's use our service offerings to add value to their offerings. The client may be alternatively allowed to use the application directly or be rendered these services by a consultant.

Benefits to VARs

Channel Sale authorized VAR's will be benefit in the following ways:

  • Discounts on current and future products released by Channel Sale
  • Discounts on additional Channel Sale Databases
  • Upgrades and training on future product offerings
  • Referrals
  • Infinite application installs
  • Infinite shop fronts
  • Special Priority in Customer Support: VARs will get designated priority customer support staff who will provide accelerated support as well as live phone support throughout the period of the contract
  • Enhanced Market Visibility:
  • VARs will receive high visibility placement on the concerned pages of Channel Sale website. ( with a link to the specified url of the VAR. The partner will have to provide us with a one or two para description of their products and services along with their logo which will be placed on the partner page(s)

Sales and Marketing

Channel Sale retains the right to offer and /or approve any ads that include references to the products and line of service of the company and it will provide standard marketing materials for the VAR to reproduce. These will be made available to the VARs through the website.


VAR's operate on a standard quarterly contract, payable on a monthly basis.

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