Amazon Listing Software

Amazon, as you know, is one of the biggest and most popular online marketplaces. Our Amazon Listing services are immaculate, and we can list all your store offerings on the Amazon platform. So even if you lack the necessary resources to carry out the listing on your own, you can get all the necessary assistance from our end.

Amazon Listing Management

We use our high tech Amazon listing extension to list all your store items over Amazon in the most optimized way. Our services follow all the listing policies of the shopping giant, and there will be no risk for you to flout any guidelines of Amazon at any time. We utilize only the best and newest Amazon listing software management tools in order to carry out the listing.

Other than listing services, we also use effective management services for your store including automated Amazon product listing, shipping and order tracking management services and real-time inventory management services. We also use effective marketing strategies to provide your store items with the greatest amount of online exposure.

How Can Our Amazon Listing Software Services Be Assistive For You?

  • We are your best trusted Amazon seller partner backed with several years of running successful Amazon campaigns for our clients.
  • Our system is validated to handle all types of product sales, whether multiple product kits, bundles, group items, multi-variational items, simple or varied products. Regardless of the colour, shape, size and type of your store items, our Amazon seller connectors will seamlessly sync items from your Amazon store and other online stores.
  • We can easily establish parent-child relationships for variation products when it comes to Amazon store items and products from your own ecommerce store with the aid of our advanced Amazon seller app.
  • Per Amazon’s taxonomy structure, our team uses granular sub level item category mappings to synchronize your items with the most appropriate item categories on Amazon. This important process increases your products visibility on Amazon and enables your products to be easily found by the buyers, thus having a direct impact in positive sales.
  • Multiple shipping profiles can be setup varying at individual product level, for example certain products are available for 1 day shipping & other products are 3 days ground shipping.
  • For each order generated on Amazon, our Amazon seller extension creates native orders to export to your fulfilment location in your custom required format and then updates the shipping tracking back on Amazon.
  • ChannelSale’s Amazon plugin extension directly connects with our pre-configured integrations on webstores examples Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, Shopify, 3D Cart, NetSuite, Yahoo store, AmeriCommerce, CS cart, Pinnacle cart & more; shipping / order management solutions examples ShipWorks, ShipStation, SKU Vault, Endicia, ShipWire, OrderMotion, OrderLogix, StoneEdge & more; Accounting software QuickBooks; Repricers & other platforms.
  • Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment by Amazon is supported. This automates listing the inventory from FBA onto other marketplaces eBay, Sears, Newegg, Rakuten, Next our system sends orders back to FBA, and retrieves shipping tracking from FBA to post on other marketplaces.
  • We have an expert team of professionals to assist you throughout the whole process of Amazon store management.
  • Our marketing specialists also use the best strategies to list and promote all the items from your Amazon store on a wide variety of channels including eBay, Sears, Rakuten, Newegg, BestBuy,,, Etsy, Bonanza, PriceFalls and many more.
  • We can setup varied pricing structure for Amazon and a wide variety of other internet marketplaces as well as mark your item prices for different online shopping engines.

So contact us today and speak with any of our Client Service Executives at ChannelSale to start making profits. Mail us at or give us a call on +1-866-709-9495.