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Americommerce Sears

The success of any ecommerce store lies in promoting its products in the best possible way. Sears is one of the largest marketplaces online, and integrating the platform into your store can provide it with a massive advantage over that of your competitors. We make use of the best software management tools to facilitate Americommerce Sears integration.

We use our Americommerce Sears extension in order to ensure flawless integration from our end. Our use of high-end Americommerce Sears connector makes sure that all your store items are synced to the most suitable categories on Sears, and can improve the sales prospects for your store.

Alongside integration services, we can offer you complete assistance with the management of your ecommerce store. Whether you want shipping and order tracking management services or automated product listing, you can get full help from us.

Americommerce Sears    Integration

Why can we be Your Ideal Option?

  • We have flexible and variable pricing structure for Sears, and many other marketplaces. We also mark up pricing for a wide variety of shopping engines.

  • Whether you need help with feed optimization, real-time inventory management, stock synchronization updates or product performance judging, we can be assistive for you.

  • With granular level item category mappings, we can link your store items to the most appropriate Sears product categories. Our seamless Sears integration ensures a parent-child relationship of Sears with your own ecommerce store.

  • Our Americommerce Sears plugin and Americommerce Sears app utilization makes sure that all the products from your store that are displayed are as per the terms and policies of Sears.

  • We can assist you in single or multiple products, kits, bundles, group products, simple or multi-variational items. We can support you with product sales of any type, shape, size or colour.

  • Our multiple channel promotional strategy can expose your store items to as many potential buyers as possible, across varied channels.

So why wait? Get started with our integration services. To begin with us, or to get more information about the type of services offered by ChannelSale, you can get in touch with any of our Client Service Executives by calling us up on +1-866-709-9495 or dropping us a mail at info@channelsale.com