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Yahoo Store Rakuten App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

If you are interested in making more sales with your Yahoo ecommerce store, ChannelSale is there to help you all the way. We offer the best Yahoo Store Rakuten integration services which can increase the prospects of your store and make it more profitable.

One of the biggest Japanese ecommerce giants out there, Rakuten is a respected brand in the online marketplace. Having your small e-store integrate with this platform can work wonders for your business and help you to make lots of product sales. Our Yahoo Store Rakuten plugin and Yahoo Store Rakuten connector makes sure that your store is properly synced to Rakuten.

Our highly advanced software management tools take care that all your products get greater amount of visibility and manages to win with a major advantage over its rivals. Along with integration services, we also provide you with automated product listing, real-time inventory management and various other services which can push your sales up.

Yahoo Store Rakuten App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

What are our specialties?

  • You can get shipping and order tracking management services, multiple store account manageability, stock level synchronization, activity logging and various other services fast and effortlessly.

  • With granular level item category mappings, we find out the most appropriate product categories on Rakuten and sync them to your store items.

  • We can provide any type of product with support, whether bundled, simple, kits, multi-variational or group items.

  • We create varied cost structure for Rakuten and various other marketplaces online. We also send marked up costs to a wide variety of shopping engines.

  • For each Rakuten order, we can setup to send these to your fulfilment location and post back the shipping tracking on Rakuten. We can achieve seamless data transfer and entry with our Yahoo Store Rakuten extension and Yahoo Store Rakuten app.

  • We are extremely versatile and customize our services to the demands of the merchants that we serve.

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