BigCommerce Google Shopping App Plugin - Certified Solution

Do you wish to integrate your Bigcommerce store with Google Shopping, one of the best merchant platforms that can allow your store to get more visibility among potential customers online? If yes is your answer, ChannelSale can help you out!

Whether you wish to integrate your product feed listings into one Bigcommerce store or multiple Bigcommerce stores, we can do the same for you with the help of our marketing experts and our advanced software solutions which make sure that your product listing process is fast, easy and automated and your real-time inventory management is in line with the terms and conditions of Google Shopping, the top Comparison Shopping Engine!

At ChannelSale, we can collaborate with you if you are trying to market the products of your store across multiple channels. The world of ecommerce is a dynamic one and high amount of online exposure can greatly assist you in selling your wares to millions of customers across the globe. It is important to promote your store across various channels. When you are trying to get such a major Comparison Shopping Engine such as Google Shopping, you can let us handle the integration process considering that we stick to all the regulations of Google Shopping while indulging in real-time inventory management, listing process and more.

BigCommerce Google Shopping App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

Why Choose Our Services?

  • Our specialized Bigcommerce Google Shopping extensions help manage your Bigcommerce store properly and synchronize with Google Shopping product feed, given the fact that we swear on associating Google Shopping with your Bigcommerce store.
  • We will map the Bigcommerce product categories to the granular level sub product categories of Google shopping, so that your products get listed in the most suitable location.
  • Our Bigcommerce Google Shopping plugin enables the product attributes are mapped across per Google Shopping feed file specifications.
  • We create fast, easy and really simply yet savvy business solutions that can help provide your Bigcommerce store with the highest level of visibility.
  • We can provide you with flawless real-time product inventory management between Bigcommerce and Google shopping, automated product listing and data transfer process.
  • We can provide merchants with highly customizable and scalable services to cater to their different listing requirements. With our professional marketers and cutting-edge software management tools, we can satisfy all your needs.
  • Our system can assist you to check your stock levels, logging activities, various product options and performance of products. We can also help you to manage multiple Bigcommerce stores.

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