BigCommerce Newegg App Plugin - Certified Solution

Innumerable online stores have been powered by Bigcommerce, the platform that has helped businesses to grow across 150+ countries and is raring to go! Are you a Bigcommerce store owner and want your vast array of products to hog the limelight in the top marketplace, Newegg? When framing your multi-channel marketing plan, if you have thought of business exposure plans across marketplaces, Newegg has got to feature in your list. When you have found ChannelSale, you do not have to hanker for business exposure as we are here offering seamless Bigcommerce Newegg services and give a real shape to your multi-channel marketing plans.

ChannelSale can be by your side offering you constant support so that managing your existing Bigcommerce products and getting it in sync with Newegg requirements becomes a fast and easy process. With our high-end ecommerce software, we help you to achieve your business goals.

BigCommerce Newegg App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

Why ChannelSale?

  • Our team consists of a talented pool of marketing pros who ensures easy BigcommerceNewegg integration process for you.
  • Our system reports stock level synchronizations, give constant updates on your store product performance, facilitates real time inventory management so that overcoming the product overselling and underselling issue can be kept at bay.
  • We offer automated synchronized product listing of your existing Bigcommerce products in Newegg, dispatching information and tracking details with full acuity.
  • ChannelSale supports simple or multi-variation products / parent–child relationships from Bigcommerce. Even if you have varied products of multiple sizes, colors, materials, we have the solution! Bundled, kit or group products are also handled.
  • Bigcommerce to Newegg granular level product category mappings pave the way for apt listing in sync with most appropriate product categories.
  • Have variable pricing for Bigcommerce and other marketplaces / shopping engines, or easily markup pricing through ChannelSale to be sent to other shopping engines.

Do you want to cushion up your profit graph and sell across various channels and tap in the potential of various platforms, resort to us! Call ChannelSale now for Bigcommerce Newegg integration services.

Need more information or ready to get started with enhancing sales on Bigcommerce and Amazon?, speak to one of our Client Service Executives, reach us on phone +1-866-709-9495 or email