Shopify Walmart App Plugin - Certified Solution

Shopify Walmart App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

As you probably know, Walmart is one of the largest ecommerce platforms available online and serves more than 150 nations. If you have a Shopify store, you must be thinking of ways to promote your store items and manage your store in the perfect manner? At ChannelSale, we have a team of qualified marketing specialists and high-tech software management tools which are designed to make Shopify Walmart integration easy and completely affordable for you.

If you wish to get high-quality Walmart integration and management services, we can completely satisfy you. Our Shopify Walmart connector ensures that the integration occurs in a smooth and effective manner. We stick to all terms and conditions and needs of Walmart while integrating it into your store. Whether automated product listing or shipping and order tracking management services, we can provide you with everything.

When you are trying to promote your store across varied channels, we can help you drive up your sales with variable pricing across Walmart and various other marketplaces. We can also easily mark up/down pricing selectively to send to various shopping engines.

Shopify Walmart App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

Why Settle For Our Services?

  • We can assist you with everything from Shopify real-time inventory management to enhance product performance and avoid product overselling and underselling problems.
  • We can synchronize all your store products with the suitable item categories on Walmart with the help of granular level item category mappings.
  • We can assist you with the data entry and transfer process and make sure that no flaws occur at any stage.
  • Whether you a single item or multiple items of varied colours, sizes and shapes to sell, we can assist you. Whether you have kits, multi-variational, bundled, simple or group products, we can support them.
  • We can make different pricing for your items for different marketplaces, like Walmart. We are able to mark up/down pricing for varied shopping engines.
  • We can help you to create a native Shopify order for each order on Walmart, by using our Shopify Walmart extension and Shopify Walmart app.
  • Our marketing pros can help you to identify the core areas of growth and find out the most ideal channels and platforms that can push your business to the right direction and assure optimal sales for you.
  • We use Shopify Walmart plugin to take care of all your management needs and check whether your store items are updated according to Walmart orders.

When you have approached us, leave all your worries as we facilitate the process of Shopify Amazon integration in a hassle-free way! Call us at +1-866-709-9495 or send us a mail at to begin with us or to obtain more information about our services.