Shopify Newegg App Plugin - Certified Solution

Newegg is one of the largest marketplaces online, and has assisted thousands of web stores to expand beyond imagination – providing them with greater exposure and boosting product sales for them. At ChannelSale, our Shopify Newegg integration services are the best in class and ensure proper synchronization of your Shopify store with the Newegg platform.

Our services are backed by the skills, experience and knowledge of our expert marketers who determine the best marketing strategies for your store. Our integration services follow all the terms and policies of Newegg. Our Shopify Newegg plugin or Shopify Newegg extension make sure that your store is always in sync with each other.

We can promote your store items across multiple channels in order to ensure that your business gets the greatest amount of exposure. We can assist you with all the processes by using our cutting-edge software management tools.

Shopify Newegg App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

Why Should You Rely On Us?

  • With a talented team of marketing researchers and experts working for us, we can ensure that your store benefits from multiple channel marketing strategies.
  • We use Shopify Newegg extension to create fresh Shopify orders for each and every Newegg order that is created. We can handle kits, bundles and group products for you.
  • We can help you to manage single or multiple stores, and assist you with selling simple or variable products of different sizes, shapes and colours.
  • We can sync your store products with proper Newegg categories with granular level item category mappings.
  • Whether automated product listing of all your existing items in Newegg, real-time inventory management or shipping and order tracking management services, we can take care of all the procedures – leaving you with time to concentrate on other areas of your ecommerce store.
  • Our Shopify Newegg connector can keep you updated with the performance of your store items and the selling price offered by rival stores for the same products to help you avoid underselling or overselling problems.

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