Shopify Rakuten App Plugin - Certified Solution

Rakuten is the Japanese ecommerce giant which has become a name to reckon with in electronic commerce. Integrating this robust platform with your Shopify store can mean greater exposure and huge sales for your products. At ChannelSale, we specialize in high-quality Shopify Rakuten integration services to sync your store properly and flawlessly with Rakuten platform.

We use high-end software management tools that can expose your store items across various shopping channels and provide them with significantly higher visibility. This ensures that your store gets a huge competitive advantage over other businesses and you make higher profits. Our professional services along-with our advanced Shopify Rakuten connector makes sure that the synchronization of your store with Rakuten is perfect and free from any errors.

Whether you need help with real-time inventory management, understanding your product behaviour and actions or automated product listing, you can get it all with us. Irrespective of the size of your store, we can boost its scope and ensure that its prospects remain higher and scale greater heights with time.

Shopify Rakuten App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

What Makes Us Reliable?

  • We offer support to all kinds of products, whether simple, bundled, multi-variational, group items or kits.
  • Our granular level item category mappings ensure proper syncing of your store items with the most suitable item categories across Rakuten.
  • We can mark pricing up/down to be sent to various shopping engines. We create variable pricing structure for various marketplaces, such as Rakuten.
  • Our Shopify Rakuten extension or Shopify Rakuten plugin ensures prompt and proper data transfer and data entry at all times. You can get activity logging, shipping and order tracking management services, stock level synchronization and ability to manage accounts of multiple stores within minimum time frame.
  • Our services are fully customizable, and it is our flexibility and versatility to adapt ourselves to various sizes of businesses that make us so unique. We always take note of the selling prices of your competing stores on Rakuten in order to offer you the greatest advantage.
  • Our Shopify Rakuten extension makes native Shopify orders for each Rakuten order.

Allow us to take care of all your Rakuten integration requirements by mailing us at or calling us on +1-866-709-9495. Our Client Service Executives will be more than happy to help you out!