Magento Amazon App Plugin - Certified Solution

The ecommerce world is going dynamic and if one of the 240,000+ merchants have put your faith on the ecommerce software of Magento, then it is time to let your Magento-based ecommerce website to find its place across several distribution channels and grab optimum level of exposure. If you want to pad up your profit graph, it is time that you sell online and eye the biggest marketplace like Amazon. It is one of the top most giant marketplaces and if you want your Magento store to flawlessly integrate with Amazon, then here we are at your service, giving shape to your multi-channel marketing plan! ChannelSale as an ecommerce solution provider helps in the integration process of Magento Amazon with its high-end software.

No matter how varied is your vast array of products, we take care in minute details with our software solutions to let merchants of all sizes to get their product listed smoothly and receive bulk updates in quick time. Anything measure related to product listing like list, relist, stop and the likes can be conducted with ease and with our various synchronization strategies for relevant listings, we take charge of multiple dates, product price, title, description, stock levels and more!

Magento Amazon App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

Why our Magento Amazon integration

  • If you are craving for visibility across multiple channels, we ensure your business gets it!
  • All Amazon automated product listing and Amazon order management tasks are done using Magento backend system.
  • We employ time-saving and smart approach for product data feed entry or transfer so that the whole process becomes a flawless one.
  • We offer customization with real-time stock inventory management, order tacking updates to help you keep a tab of overselling and under-selling issues
  • We create native Magento order for each Amazon order and ensures the linking process of both together a smart, easy and smooth one

Trash all your worries for Magento Amazon integration and give us a call now!

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